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The mainstream media are currently being paid millions upon millions of £’s of your money to advertise on behalf of the UK Government that we are supposedly in the midst of a “deadly” pandemic. We are doing our best to compete with them and report the facts that the mainstream refuse to, but we rely solely on your support to help fund our investigative reports.

We’ve got big ideas for the future and we want to knock the mainstream media off their perch – but to do this we need your help. So we’ve set up a Summer Fundraising Campaign in the hope that you, our readers, can help us to reach 100% of our target and support us in our mission to become the mainstream media and report the facts that they currently refuse to.

Every month by paying your TV license you are donating £13.33 to the BBC who spread propaganda on behalf of the authorities and lies. Why not donate that to ‘The Daily Expose’ instead who are committed to bringing you the facts that the mainstream refuse to. You can donate today via PayPal or if you hate PayPal you can just donate by card. No matter how large or small your donation every one will help us to bring you more of the facts that the mainstream refuse to.

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£13.12 is the monthly cost of the BBC TV License Fee. If you’re tired of paying out that money to the UK Propaganda Machine then why not donate that amount to The Daily Expose who report the facts that the Mainstream refuse to…