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Australia – Children denied care & discharged from mental health ward to make room for Covid-19 patients; but just 0.01% of the population is currently hospitalised with Covid-19

Young patients receiving critical psychiatric care at a mental health ward in Sydney, Australia have been sent home to make space for “suspected” Covid-19 patients. A distressed staff member from the USpace ward at St Vincent’s Private Hospital said health workers and patients were told on September 12th that they had until the end of the […]

#CovidVaxExposed PART 1: USA Today Is Trying to Have Veritas’ Videos Banned Everywhere, Congressman Gosar Requests Full Investigation Into HHS

USA Today is trying to ‘fact check’ Project Veritas’ ‘claims’ in Part 1 in an apparent attempt to get their videos banned everywhere. So, James O’Keefe recorded a phone call with Daniel Funke and informed him he will sue USA Today if they defame Project Veritas: Following Senator Kelly Townsend calling for an investigation,  Rep. […]

American Medical Association releases guide instructing doctors to lie to the public to manipulate them into getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

The American Medical Association (AMA) has instructed doctors to disinform the general public by using psychological and linguistic tools in order to manipulate them into getting the Covid-19 vaccine. The Winter 2021 “AMA COVID-19 Guide: Background/Messaging on Vaccines, Vaccine Clinical Trials & Combatting Vaccine Misinformation,” issued by the American Medical Association (AMA) raises serious questions […]


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