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Less than 10% of 12 – 15-year-old Children have received a Covid-19 Vaccine since Chris Whitty ordered them to be vaccinated

On September 13th 2021 the four Chief Medical Officer’s for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland sent a letter to the UK Government advising them that all 12 – 15 year olds should be offered a single dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. This led to plans that had been put in place weeks prior being immediately set into motion.

However, the latest data available from the UK Health Security Agency shows that up to October 3rd 2021, less than 10% of 12 – 15-year-old children had received a Covid-19 vaccine.

The decision of the four Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO’s), who include Chris Whitty the CMO for England, was expected, despite being controversial for various reasons.

Firstly, children rarely suffer serious illness due to Covid-19, let alone lose their lives, and it is known that the Covid-19 vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission, but instead only allegedly reduce the risk of serious illness and death due to Covid-19.

Secondly, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) had been unable to justify offering an experimental injection to children due to the reasons above, stating that the risk-benefit ratio was far too small for them to advise the UK Government to vaccinated healthy 12 – 15-year-old children.

Both the decision of Chris Whitty and his colleagues, and the Governments decision to implement it were unprecedented, as the JCVI’s advice has always been followed. The two reasons begs the question as to why the UK Government is so desperate to vaccinate children.

However, it looks as if Chris Whitty’s decision to overrule the JCVI may have fallen mostly on death ears when it comes to parents if the latest report released by the new UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) is anything to go by.

A graph found in the ‘Week 40 – Vaccine Surveillance Report‘ document shows that up to the 3rd October 2021, around 9% of 12 – 15-year-old children had received a Covid-19 vaccine. There are approximately 3 million 12 – 15-year-olds in the UK, so this equates to around 270,000 children.

But a closer inspection of the figures above shows that approximately 6% of children between the ages of 12 and 15 had already received a Covid-19 vaccine prior to Chris Whitty’s decision. This is because the JCVI had previously recommended that all children over the age of 12 classed as vulnerable due to certain underlying conditions should be offered the Covid-19 vaccine.

This means that approximately 180,000 children over the age of 12 had already had the Covid-19 vaccine prior to Chris Whitty’s decision to overrule the JCVI, meaning the big push to vaccinate children over the age of 12 since the controversial decision has only resulted in approximately 90,000 children over the age of 12 receiving the experimental Pfizer Covid-19 injection.

There could of course be a number of reasons why the number is currently so low, the best-laid plans and all that. But could it be that most parents have finally said “enough is enough”, and are not going to allow the state to experiment on their children?

We will find out over the coming weeks, but the numbers so far look promising. Just 90,000 children over the age of 12 have received the Covid-19 vaccine since Chris Whitty controversially overruled the JCVI.

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Turn Around When Possible
Turn Around When Possible
13 days ago

Hope it stops here then, although 10% is already 10% too many.