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An Open Letter to Doctors and Employers regarding discriminatory Covid-19 Vaccination status

Awakened World is a not-for-profit organisation set up as a central hub to connect people and services that do not ask and do not care about your COVID-19 vaccination status.

As well as a growing directory of businesses and informative articles, they also provide numerous template letters and other resources to help you stand in your power.

UK Freedom Project is a not-for-profit organisation that equips people with information and tools for them to become self-reliant and take action for themselves. They work with experts in the field of health, science, law and beyond and share their freely given expertise with a wider audience.

Two of the fundamental rights that everyone living in the UK has are the right to access medical treatment and the right to work.

Both these rights are being obstructed, eroded and denied by the attitudes and actions of many healthcare professionals and employers around COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination status.

We are releasing this Open Letter to those Doctors and Employers so that they have the opportunity to reflect on their attitude and actions; make the improvements and changes they need to in order to deliver the professional service and duty of care they are lawfully bound to do; and ensure that all who have dealings with them have their rights to medical treatment and to work properly respected and protected.

Please save a copy of the letter and share it with your friends, family and colleagues so that no-one has to be denied their rights any longer.

Access the letter here –

or here



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