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An Urgent Video Message to the World: Crisis, Marburg Virus Disease – Solution, Ricin-Rich Vaccine – Possible Result, Vaccine-Induced Poisoning

COVID-19, the disease, has now been overwhelmingly proven to be just another treatable cold or influenza.  The use of the PCR test to diagnose COVID produced large numbers of positive results, so-called “cases,” without any symptoms. The use of the PCR test to detect infections has been fraudulent and “without any symptoms” translates to asymptomatic infections which is known not to exist.

Based on fear and propaganda new mRNA and viral vector (or DNA) gene therapy injections were hastily developed. Then, these experimental injections were, and are still being, administered in a mass global experiment, without informed consent, causing many adverse reactions as well as weakening the overall health of the population.

Adverse reactions from the COVID injections include symptoms similar to haemorrhagic fever – bleeding and blood clots. Causes of viral haemorrhagic fevers include the Marburg viruses.

Marburg virus disease is relatively rare and was first described in 1967. Since its discovery there has been 383 related deaths worldwide with only 14 of those deaths in the last 10 years.

What is Marburg virus? (1 min)

Marburg Virus Making an Appearance

On 11 August 2021 Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO, announced: “Last Friday the Ministry of Health of Guinea informed WHO of a case of Marburg virus disease in the country’s south-west … Marburg is a very different virus to the one that causes COVID-19 but many of the elements of the response are the same.”

WHO Virtual Press Conference: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Announces a Case of Marburg Virus Disease, 11 August 2021
(2 mins)

The transcript of WHO’s Virtual Press Conference from which the video above was clipped can be found HERE (start timestamp 00:02:36).

Marburg is a very different virus to the one that causes COVID but many elements are the same.  The sameness is not limited the “response.”  In 2018 Primerdesign developed a PCR test for Marburg virus.  In January 2021 the NIH published a paper titled ‘Asymptomatic Infection of Marburg Virus’.  In April GAVI published an article ‘The next pandemic: Marburg?’.  In August 2021 WHO announced a case, the first since 2017, and Soligenix are currently rushing to trial a vaccine for Marburg virus disease: RiVax.

It’s also worth noting, symptoms of Marburg virus disease can include: severe bleeding, and abnormalities of the blood and clotting function.  Severe bleeding, abnormalities of the blood and blood clots are also effects of the Covid injections.

The main component of RiVax is “a genetically altered version of a Ricin Toxin.”  Ricin is a highly potent toxin.  It is toxic if inhaled, injected, or ingested however, oral exposure is far less toxic.  An estimated lethal oral dose in humans is approximately 1 milligram per kilogram of body weight.

An Urgent Video Message to the World

Noticing patterns developing surrounding Marburg as similar to those for the “COVID pandemic,” Kieran Morrissey has issued an urgent message to the world:

Urgent Message from University Hospital Manager And Academic Kieran Morrissey (10 mins)

Morrissey is an engineer with a degree in industrial chemistry who has worked at a major teaching hospital in Dublin, Ireland for the past 22 years where he has gained extensive knowledge of the operations of the Irish healthcare system.

Articles by Kieran Morrissey

Echoes of a Prior Warning

Marburg viruses are one of the family of viruses to cause haemorrhagic fevers.  Others include the Ebola, Lassa fever, and yellow fever viruses.  And we are reminded of a warning message from Harry Vox in 2014.

In the video below Vox, an investigative reporter, warns of “Operation Lockstep” – the plan for a world with tighter top-down government control – and that he believed the “pandemic” to bring this about that they referred to in their document was Ebola.

Harry Vox: Exposing Operation Lockstep, 21 October 2014, New York City (15 mins)

Undisclosed Vaccine Information

Can we trust we are “officially” told everything we need to know about RiVax or any other vaccine?  Without transparency and open scientific debate – no.  As an example, let us consider vaccine ingredients – vital information for informed consent.  Have all the ingredients of previous and current vaccines been disclosed?

It is now well known there are a number of non-disclosed ingredients of the so-called “COVID vaccines” so there is no need to elaborate further here.  And Covid injections are not the only ones guilty of non-disclosure.

Morrissey discovered a research paper which showed results of analysing 44 types of vaccines from Italy and France for undisclosed ingredients including: MMR, tetanus, and flu vaccines.  Below is the abstract from their paper:

“Vaccines are being under investigation for the possible side effects they can cause. In order to supply new information, an electron-microscopy investigation method was applied to the study of vaccines, aimed at verifying the presence of solid contaminants by means of an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with an X-ray microprobe.

“The results of this new investigation show the presence of micro- and nano-sized particulate matter composed of inorganic elements in vaccines’ samples which is not declared among the components and whose unduly presence is, for the time being, inexplicable. A considerable part of those particulate contaminants have already been verified in other matrices and reported in literature as non-biodegradable and non-biocompatible.

“The evidence collected is suggestive of some hypotheses correlated to diseases that are mentioned and briefly discussed.” – New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nano contamination, 23 January 2017

We are not able to predict the future but, for the sake of our own health, we would be wise to heed Kieran Morrissey’s warning, ask questions, do some research and demand answers before accepting any further “vaccines” or injections from those who seek to profit from them.

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Gilda Smith
Gilda Smith
16 days ago

If COVID scared you then watch this, including the attached video

Merlin Ybañez
Merlin Ybañez
16 days ago

What are the medicines for COVID-19?

Reply to  Merlin Ybañez
15 days ago


15 days ago

Hi.- this video about the Rivax scared me so much I had to check on the net. And,- found out that Kieran Morrisey is a bit wrong here. The Rivax as stated by the companys website is for Ricin-intoxicated people in fex a warzone. Regarding Marburg virus the company do not have any vax. Please check yourself.

nicholas fowler
nicholas fowler
15 days ago

evil has a habit of eventually destroying itself for t goes completely against Spirit and the natural laws of the Universe.. the Light always wins, however the basic psychology of this planet is most create their own prison and mental asylum.. with very little help from the Cabal.. the latter are just adept at manipulating what is the general behaviour and state of the human mind.. therefore salvation to use that awful term from religion is always in the hands of each individual, there are no saviours.. ever.. though many are here to help, its up to us, my three maxims, dont comply dont react, walk away..

Roger Welsh
Roger Welsh
15 days ago

Please. Will you telll the truth.
Sars COVID 2 virus does not exist.
The injection is NOT a vaccine

– plenty of evidence to support these facts.

Reply to  Roger Welsh
15 days ago

They wrote about it, look for earlier articles about graphene oxide.

Reply to  Rhoda Wilson
1 day ago

Have you read / heard Dr. Lanka on it? Dr. Kaufman?
There was a famous debate between Dr. Kaufman and Judy Mikovits. They can’t isolate viruses, simply because it is not possible. They never ever mapped fully anything (like the full genetic code) they thought it was a virus.
But it is not something they can admit after 70 years of lies on viruses and unnecessary, poisonous vaxxes all along.
I think it is better to research then accept just one man’s word on his findings – you can never know who is controlled opposition or simply can’t admit the truth.
This video was banned almost from everywhere, watch please the questions of Kaufman to Mikovits and her answers. A kind of start.
(As long as the virus legend lives – you know – they can make the same show, like they are planning faking Marburg now. But if it becomes common knowledge they lied about viruses, they are exosomes produced by our cells as an answer for poisoning or else – it is over. So in my opinion this part is extremly important before we end up in camps or who knows because the terrified sheeple bleeding due to ‘marburg’ and demanding it)—1ST-EVER-VIRUS-ISOLATION-DEBATE:b?&sunset=lbrytv

Last edited 1 day ago by GundelP
Lona Pearson
Lona Pearson
15 days ago

Thank you for this information. I am afraid for civilization at the hands of these fascist terrorists – committing crimes against humanity.

15 days ago

We blocked our daughter getting the HPV vaccine – Gardisil, because it had such a bad reputation when we checked.

Marburg – easy to hack gain-of-function virus and start another pandemic. Depopulation agenda because of ‘climate change’?

Reply to  ConcernedParent
13 days ago

Not because of climate change. That’s another hoax they wish to use. Depopulation because of stolen money and greed. Whenever they were at the brink of failing they did something like orchestrating 2 world wars or other wars, they are the very same families. There is no money to pay pensions, beside they – these families – already own everything except what we own. It can look small but not the them. Only the land and its resources worth something. The land where our houses are. They want a far less – more easily controlled population (zombified slaves) – in a couple of “smart cities” under the 5G grid (a killer jail with no escape) and they will share among each other OUR lands.
Just watch how much rough they are about islands, to own them. Back then the IMF wanted to the Greek islands in exchange for Greece’ dept. Watch how bad is the situation in Australia or New Zealand. I think they want the big islands as their own empires, more easy to defend.
I can’t wait for them to turn against each other what surely will happen when they get everything from us and no more to steal or kill.

Last edited 13 days ago by GundelP
johnny Dollar
johnny Dollar
15 days ago

F*****g Hell #Holocaust By #Vaccine with Blind Impunity

15 days ago

Thank you for this article.
Allow me please some additional info, I hope they are correct enough.
Marburg came from Germany and a laboratory but Africa. Hence the name, Marburg.
They love to blame the poor bats for everything, my guess that it’s a psycho game: bat = Dracula.
They never could isolate any virus, ever, they are lying about isolation using the word deliberately as it is misleading. See Dr Andrew Kaufman on virus isolation or Dr Stefan Lanka.
The last Ebola outbreak was a hoax, people died in Africa with similar symptoms but to different causes, different kind of poisonings, for example well poisoned with formaldehyde, factory’ poisonous waste soaked their lands. They attacked Red Cross blaming their needles to cause Ebola. They never found the first Ebola case, it basically started in a hospital where nuns vaccinated people against malaria if I recall well the illness.
They love this method, aren’t they? Poisoning with ‘vaccines’ then blaming a virus or a new disease without known pathogen (Kawasaki).

There won’t be any virus on the loose. Not only because they never was isolated but because they never ever would release anything which can be dangerous to them. It always will be some kind of controllable poison mimicking virus just like how was graphene oxide used to mimic covid.
Don’t be afraid of viruses but always look for the poison.

The whole farce started with Pasteur (rabies) and Jenner (small pox) ‘vaccines’. None of them worked ever but poisoned many. About rabies – what a long time lie, poisoning our pets for nothing! look for Dr Millicent Morden on, ‘Rabies Past Present in Scientific Review’ , if you have a pet, read it, relatively short but en excellent summary of the rabies con. Rabies = brain inflammation due to different causes but under one label, many thing can cause it but a virus is not among them.

DIABOLICAL SMALLPOX VACCINATION (BANNERS)’ also on the if you are interested in the true story.

Spread the info please. The only way to stop them if we are united but to reach this we have to kill the fear of any next ‘virus’ pandemic. Whatever happens it will be a poison. Always.

If you are still worried look for photos (and try to find old ones before the age of Photoshop) about illnesses with ‘eruptions’ chicken pox, rubella, small pox, etc. Compare them! Compare their symptoms, too. Then tell me that with this newly gained knowledge can you tell the difference? Can you identify them if you see them? They all look very similar, they are nature or else dictated depoisoning via the skin mainly. Small pox was most likely a parasite caused disease, it came with bed bugs according to historical notes, it didn’t jump from person to another but of course if the whole family slept in one room or even one bed, they all were affected.

Last edited 15 days ago by GundelP
14 days ago

The universal antidote for all disease, chlorine dioxide ,get some for your daughter!! Just research the universal antidote/ jim humble mms

12 days ago

There is NO WAY I would EVER accept a “vaccine” with ricin in it. Get real! Whoever suggested that is absolutely bonkers.

1 day ago

Hi Everyone,

fresh news on Marburg (faking). On Icke’s site there is a video with O’Looney, the brave funeral director. HE WAS WARNED that there will be more deaths till Dec or so (I guess the bleeding caused by vaxxes and even without vaxxes, 5G can do it if you ate some graphene oxide with food – happened with me! – will be disguised as hemorrhagic fever cases – to distribute the other poisonous vax is with RICIN.)

Around 3 minutes.