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Australia Warns the Unvaccinated Will Face Total Social Isolation Indefinitely When Lockdown Ends

Sydney residents who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 risk being barred from various social activities and events even when the current lockdown ends in December, New South Wales state Premier Gladys Berejiklian warned on Tuesday.

Under a roadmap to exit lockdown in Sydney, unvaccinated people are already subject to delays in freedoms that will be gradually granted to vaccinated residents between October 11th and December 1st.

Berejiklian said people who refuse to get vaccinated could be barred entry to shops, restaurants and entertainment venues even after the state lifts all restrictions against them on December 1st.

Berejiklian told Seven News on Tuesday: “A lot of businesses have said they will not accept anyone who is unvaccinated. Life for the unvaccinated will be very difficult indefinitely.”

The two-tier system, which is designed to encourage more people to get vaccinated, has been criticised for discriminating against vulnerable groups who have not been able to get access to the vaccine and for failing to provide a real incentive for the “vaccine-hesitant.”

On October 11th, pubs, cafes, gyms and hairdressers will reopen to fully vaccinated people in New South Wales, home to Sydney, and more restrictions will be relaxed once 80% of its adult population becomes fully vaccinated, which the government expects to be by the end of October.

Both Sydney and Melbourne are stuck in lockdowns, and Australia is pursuing a faster reopening through higher vaccination rates.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt welcomed the New South Wales roadmap and urged people to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

“The strongest possible reason to be vaccinated is to save your life,” Hunt said.

It seems that the people of Australia face a very dystopian future, where having any taste of freedom is determined by your vaccination status. It is only a matter of time before the same restrictions hit the UK…

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23 days ago

Totalitarianism. Do these journalists not understand what is happening or are they just complicit ? Absolutely terrifying

Evil Harry Dread
Evil Harry Dread
22 days ago

I see a hangmans rope in her future.

Reply to  Evil Harry Dread
22 days ago

She has resigned re a corruption investigation. Just waiting for the next psychopathic clown to step up.

Paul Prichard
Paul Prichard
22 days ago

Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2021-09-29. COVID-free Uttar Pradesh 241m w- IVM. ‘Spartacus COVID Letter’. Sacrifice by jab. 100k HGV wanted

Paul Prichard
Paul Prichard
22 days ago

Freedoms don’t come from government and the primary purpose of government is to protect the rights of the people.

Reply to  Paul Prichard
22 days ago

Until they take them away.

22 days ago

Medical workers around the world are refusing the jab now they are dealing with the effects of the jab. They fear the jab more than cov I suspect.

21 days ago

Fortunately the mad cow had been forced to resign.

21 days ago

Why does the PM say you will die if you get Covid19 or Greg Hunt saying the vax will save your life; except for the elderly and those with underlying chronic conditions, this virus has a low mortality rate.

21 days ago

How can you have a juicy, old fashioned, nutritious, family-style barbie without grilling some vertical pigs, slicing up the hairy bacon and burning crispy some slabs of succulent porcine gubermint owned trough-fed, fat-assed swine that was ready for gutting, curing, and slowly roasting on the spit of a nation brutalized by reptilian garbage?
YOU can’t unless you take down the filthy hog that stands between you and the presstitutes, political hos, covaids mass murdering thugs and the globo satanic network of pedovore demons that unleashed this genocide on the herd of sheeple some still imagine to be their fellow humans in the slaughter pen.

Make no mistake because your life and those of your loved ones depend on it!

YOU are the disease, their covaids death squirt the cure.

Dr. Judy Mikovits warns Fauci may release MORE deadly bioweapons on the world