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Dr Vernon Coleman – “If you have a child then the next few minutes are probably the most important of your life”

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THERE IS NO COVID PANDEMIC AUSTRALIA! – Dictatorship Is the Virus and When Dictators Corrupt Science, People Die
There have been two noteworthy changes in Australia during 2021: the “jab …
Pfizer Silenced Governments, Sought State Assets to Push Covid-19 Vaccines and Maximise Corporate Profits
Public Citizen has published a report that outlines how pharma giant Pfizer …
European Parliament opposes Vaccine Passport for their own fundamental rights; they are not the Cavalry
Members of the European Parliament requested a press conference in Strasbourg on …
Indiana Tells Fired Unvaccinated Chicago Police Officers to Come Work There – No Covid-19 Vaccines Required
Police officers in Chicago who face losing their jobs for refusing to …
Extracts from “Pandemic Diary of a Frontline Lawyer for the Elderly” – Part Two
We have kindly been provided with the journal of Clare Wills Harrison, …
Fully Vaccinated are suffering far higher rates of infection than the Unvaccinated, and it is getting worse by the day; there is no justification for Vaccine Passports
IT'S OFFICIAL: Most of the UK's vaccinated population are suffering far higher …
Dear Pfizer… Leave our Kids alone
Pfizer plans to go to the FDA to get authorization for vaccination …
Teen dies of Heart Attack after having Covid-19 Vaccine because it was mandated by his Hockey Team
A 17-year-old boy in Canada died of a heart attack at home …
Autopsy proves Covid-19 Vaccine killed healthy 22-year-old who developed Myocarditis; & Study proves the jab is mainly causing the condition in Teens
STUDY SHOWS – Myocarditis showed a temporal relationship to vaccine administration and …
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28 days ago

we could use some text below these vids. all those links to good sites. a link to where his transcript is – he said at least pass the transcript or something didn’t he? well, where is it available?
a link to his own site where those previous posts he talks about are.
If this site doesn’t allow for putting all that stuff below your video then perhaps he could take the little extra trouble on top of all he’s already done to post a ‘comment’ to his own video here with those links in it.
just saying…
good stuff. I like the way he’s upfront about how he’s been labelled by the establishment. Bit of a terrible thing for him in his personal life. I’m sorry for him.
But I take everything he says seriously and I check it all out. I’d do the same regardless of how they categorised him. So it really makes no difference to me.

Lorraine Hall
Lorraine Hall
27 days ago

Love Dr Coleman.

Lorretta Phillips
Lorretta Phillips
27 days ago

Thank you souch for sharing this

Karen Knight
Karen Knight
27 days ago

Thank you. I am, as I suppose many are, totally shocked by what is happening in our world. It’s almost too outrageous to believe but believe it I do. I do try and tell people the facts but some are so blinded by the MSM they just follow along. Even my brother, who I always believed to be a critical thinker, has been taken in. I will continue to try and encourage others to actually think and research other modes of information not just MSM.

13 days ago

My friend dave had the vaccine fit power lifter never suffered from flues or cold dead my friend carl body builder fit had the vaccine massive heart attack dead my grandson best friend had it to go on holiday dived in the pool dead massive heart attack 27 years old my friend ian brain emarege blood clots my friend Jane’s mum had it next day dead my daughter had it blood clots palpitations eyesight failing tired all the time gena the same damon blood clots there’s loads more

Reply to  David
3 days ago

Sorry to hear about all those losses. This is a Blatant Genocide and I keep praying for Allah to stop this wicked Agenda and destroy the perps of it. Two years ago we never would have imagined what’s going on in the world. The deadly experimental injections are definitely more dangerous than the 99% survivable pathogen. The shots have Graphene Oxide and some kind of Mechanisms that appear like they’ll be used for CONTROL. 🤬👿