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57-Year-Old West Virginia Woman Declares: “I’m Vaccinated but Don’t Know What’s in it”, Dead Less Than 24 Hours Later

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A 57-year-old West Virginia Woman died after a very strange turn of events.

Kim Jarvis declared on August 29th, “I am vaccinated.” She did not state which brand of vaccine she received, nor did she specify the date that she got the injections. Her Facebook posts did not reveal any further information. However, it really does not matter which jab she received as they are equally as bad as each other.

In a Facebook post, Jarvis admitted that she wasn’t aware of what was actually in the vaccine, also stating that she doesn’t know what’s in a Big Mac or hot dogs, but suggested that she eats them anyway. Of course, beyond broad, ambiguous generalisations, nobody really knows what is in these mRNA and viral vector DNA vaccines.

Source: Facebook

The post continued, stating that she isn’t aware of what’s in other products such as shampoo, tattoo ink, or Tylenol. But she said that she wants to travel and “protect us”, and “trusted the science” for all other vaccines and “trusted [her] doctor” when he recommended the Covid-19 vaccines. Whilst this is a copypasta making its rounds on Facebook amongst many jab recipients, it’s still sad and odd to see it being posted.

Just a day later on August 30th, Jarvis shared her usual missing dog posts, where her last post was at 7:17 pm local time. She apparently visited her daughter Heather’s house later that night, where she told her “I love you” and “I’m so glad you’re home safe.” The following day, Heather posted an update to Facebook, announcing that her mother had “passed away unexpectedly in her sleep” that night, hours after she saw her.

Source: Facebook

Kim Jarvis and her daughter were both strong supporters of the Covid vaccines and had made many jabs at the non-vaccinated online. Yet it appears the injections, which Jarvis stated she knew nothing about, was what would cut her life drastically short.

Source: Facebook

Mrs Jarvis was a paralegal by trade and is survived by her husband, daughter, son and at least one grandchild.

If you are considering taking the Covid-19 vaccine, ask yourself: Is it really worth it? Remember that you have an immune system, which actively works to keep you safe and healthy. It is normal to get sick and equally normal for your body to fight off disease. Instead of submitting to an injection, take steps to boost your immune system through a healthy diet, exercise, lots of sleep and going outside in the sun.

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1 month ago

The saddest thing is that i have to laugh when these “I’m Vaccinated like a good little 1936 goose stepping german in Canada should be” VIRTUE SIGNALERS subsequently drop dead right away. Hah! Forgive me for thinking they deserved it for blindly trusting a fascist government suddenly thrust upon us & then temporarily enjoying their smug feeling of power in castigating people with a better sense of right & wrong & a bigger picture of what’s really going on – like me. Sorry you lost your mom due to her false patriotism & 100% gullibility, hope you know better now. Do more research, it’s all there waiting for you to discover. None will be found on the mainstream media. CBC IS A FORM OF AUDIO CANCER, DON’T LISTEN TO THEM. The anti vaxxxx🇩🇪🏴‍☠️🇩🇪xxxxxtermination crowd are not exaggerating or kidding about the mystery death serum & WWIII Nazis in control of the G7 & mainstream media everywhere.

Reply to  Donita
3 days ago

Please, for God’s sake, let’s start comparing the psychopathic depopulation program with the Tribal Communists that murdered up to 100 million innocent people during the Communist Revolution and take-over of Russia. Hitler was attempting to save Europe from the psychopathic Communists that took completely over Eastern Europe AFTER the Banker’s WW2 ended. The Communists have successfully taken over the West including the USA, and that is why we are having this depopulation program and the flooding of Western nations with non-Whites today. So just….stop it with the Hitler comparisons.

1 month ago

Refusal to do your research is idiocy. She didn’t deserve to be deceived or to die. But you can’t trust powerful people anymore, and if you do, you are entering for the Darwin award.

1 month ago

“Experimental” should have given the little lab rat the only clue she needed. She’s a dead lab rat now and she has damaged her daughter as well by not showing a good example. Her daughter may not have taken it if her mother did her job as a parent and kept her child safe.