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16-Year-Old Who Developed Neurological Symptoms After Pfizer Vaccine: ‘I Just Want My Life Back’

Sarah Green was a healthy 16-year-old — until she developed neurological problems after getting Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.
Sarah Green, 16, has developed tremors and crippling migraines after she received a dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

A 16-year-old girl developed neurological problems after she received Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, however, doctors have said that her new tremors, tics and severe migraines cannot possibly be caused by the jab.

In an interview with The Defender, Sarah Green and her mother, Marie, said that they now feel helpless and nobody will acknowledge Sarah’s vaccine injury and “nobody can help them.”

On May 4th, Sarah got her second dose of the Pfizer jab where she immediately began experiencing a headache at the base of her neck which radiated to her temples. Sarah said that she felt like she got “hit by a bus” and took a nap in hopes that she could sleep it off.

Sadly, the headaches continued even after she awoke and gradually, over the course of three weeks, Sarah developed small facial twitches.

Sarah said: “The night of May 23rd, I went to my dad because my neck had started twitching every 15 seconds.”

Her mother said that Sarah would start a word and it was as if her brain would reset. “It wasn’t like she was trying to get a word out – it would just start over.”

Sarah’s symptoms continued to get worse, so her family took her to Johnston Health in Smithfield, North Carolina. Doctors noted that Sarah had constant tremors, and one physician noticed that Sarah’s right foot also had a tremor, but they didn’t have a paediatric neurologist, so she was transferred to WakeMed in Raleigh once she stabilised.

The 16-year-old had an EEG, MRI with and without contrast, and CT scans taken, which all came back normal. After two days, the doctors said Sarah had a nervous twitch and should seek help from a mental health professional.

However, when the MRI with contrast was taken, Sarah’s mother said that she stopped breathing and had to be pulled out of the machine and intubated. Two hours later the doctor said that they were going to send Sarah home.

“They weren’t even going to refer her to a neurologist,” Marie Green said. “They said it was just a nervous tick and she needed to see a therapist.”

Initially, Sarah’s family didn’t think that the vaccine was linked to her new symptoms, however, they began to question the possibility when the hospital had her fill out a form of thing that might have changed and “when it came down to it, the only thing that changed was the vaccine.”

When Green asked the doctor if the vaccine could have been responsible for Sarah’s condition, he got very defensive and said: “We can’t blame everything on the vaccine.”

Green said that the doctor’s response was frustrating. “How can you say you don’t know what it is but say the vaccine isn’t the cause?” she asked.

She said that “As soon as we said it was the vaccine, it was like they couldn’t get us out there fast enough.”

On June 6th, Sarah’s family finally got her in to see a neurologist, where they asked whether the symptoms could be related to the jab.

However, the doctor said that Sarah had functional movement disorder and it was not related in any way to the vaccine. Although, the doctor remarked that she has seen more cases since Covid vaccines were approved because people “stress themselves out over the vaccine and it’s psychosomatic.”

Functional movement disorder is a type of functional neurological disorder that occurs when there is a problem with the functioning of the nervous system and how the brain and body sends and/or receives signals.

The condition can cause a variety of symptoms including tremors, dystonia, jerky movements (myoclonus) and problems walking (gait disorder).

Sarah’s mother didn’t agree with the doctor’s conclusion that her daughter’s condition was “psychosomatic.”

“Sarah is 16. She was nervous about getting a needle in her arm, but once she got the vaccine she slapped a bandaid on it and went off to Starbucks,” Green said.

“When I tried to explain that to her neurologist, she said that I needed to stop focusing on what caused it and focus on getting my daughter well.

“But I felt like if we didn’t know why, we wouldn’t be able to treat her the right way.”

Sarah got the vaccine on her own because, in North Carolina, she could get the vaccine without parental consent.

“She works in fast food and on the frontline and they were told the vaccine would be mandated. Krispy Kreme was giving out a dozen doughnuts, so the kids went and got their shots.”

Neither Marie Green nor her husband got a Covid vaccine. When Sarah said she wanted to get it, Green explained her and her husband’s reservations and why they were choosing not to get the jab.

“We have been asked many times why she got it and we didn’t. She did come to us and tell us she wanted to, but we did not know she had made up her mind. We had a discussion about it, but her job and the free incentives that I feel were targeted towards young people — Krispy Kreme offered them a dozen free doughnuts — really swayed her decision.”

Sarah was aware of the risks of getting a vaccine including having a sore arm for a few days, however, it has now been months and she is still suffering.

Due to her ongoing symptoms, Sarah had to drop two college classes this semester. “She had just started driving but she cannot drive anymore because she can’t look up or turn her head to the right without it causing spastic tremors. She also can’t write,” Green said. “She has constant tremors like someone who has Parkinson’s disease.”

Over time, Sarah’s symptoms have gotten progressively worse, but the only treatment option recommended to her was a medication similar to Benadryl.

Marie Green said: “It’s so frustrating. We tried to get her into a hospital in Florida but there is a six-month waiting list. We called Cleveland but they have a three-month waiting list. We have called the Shriners hospital and they won’t even see her.

“We had an appointment at Duke but it was going to be on a video conference. We just keep getting doors slammed in our faces and the minute you mention a vaccine they don’t want to deal with you anymore.”

Green said she and Sarah are not anti-vaxxers as Sarah has received all of her jabs.

“There are too many people having problems for them not to know there’s no problem with these mRNAs. If they would just acknowledge the potential side effects … but they’re acting like it’s not even happening, and it’s not fair to her and for her entire life to be put on hold.”

The family have reported Sarah’s vaccine injury to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (I.D. 1354500) and Pfizer.

“When I called Pfizer they just had me answer some questions and said if there were new symptoms to call back and they could update their report. When I called back a second time they said they lost the report. When I asked if anyone else had called with the same symptoms they said ‘no.’”

Green said that before her getting vaccinated, Sarah was healthy and living her best life. Green is now incredibly concerned about children 12 and under getting the vaccine. “Just acknowledge the problem and fix it, but at least inform people what to look for,” she said.

Sarah said: “I just want my life back. Everything has just been put on hold. I had to drop my college classes because I can’t write and I have doctor appointments. I was going out with my friends, but now it’s exhausting. My migraines are so bad I have to sit in a dark room with no light or device and sit for hours.”

Sarah’s mother said that she feels guilty for not researching the vaccine and its potential side effects more before her daughter went and got it.

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1 month ago

Never trust big pharma that has blanket immunity to any side affects including your death:

1 month ago

A 16-year-old girl developed neurological problems after she received Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, however, doctors have said that her new tremors, tics and severe migraines cannot possibly be caused by the jab.
Neuremburg code – – guilty

Nora Yan
Nora Yan
1 month ago

I wish there was a way to contact the Green family. There are some studies that state NAC, dandelion leaf extract can help to reverse covid vax. There are others.

Mary K
Mary K
1 month ago

She and/or her parents should contact America’s Frontline Doctors. They might know of a physician in her area would would see her. website has a lot of information and if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a Contact Us button. Send them a message and ask if they know anyone in your area who will address the problem.

1 month ago

Her mother is guilty, too.16 yrs old have no life experience, time to research and to make an informed decision. Parents’ task to protect them. Poor girl.

Jackson Juliette
Jackson Juliette
Reply to  GundelP
1 month ago

Hi it’s sad! Can you take look for a HOLISTIC approach? Pray and I will be praying for your child. GOD love her more!!

Sharon P.
Sharon P.
16 days ago

Yes, Dandelion Leaf ‘Extract’ is very beneficial for those who have taken the ‘jab’. Ivermectin is available in your livestock stores, as a de-wormer for horses, cows, and such, for those who wish to go this route. Below is some additional information for those who have been given the shot…


Graphene Oxide Detox

Sharon P.
Sharon P.
Reply to  Sharon P.
16 days ago