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BREAKING – Study finds the current Covid-19 Vaccines will cause ‘Vaccine Induced Enhanced Disease’ when infected with Delta

Covid-19 injections continue to be pushed as the only solution to the pandemic, even as “breakthrough” infections increasingly occur. But a group of Japanese researchers have released a scientific study showing that the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant “is poised to acquire complete resistance” to the existing vaccines.

What’s more, when four common mutations were introduced to the Delta variant, Pfizer’s mRNA injection enhanced its infectivity, causing it to become resistant. A Delta variant with three mutations has already allegedly emerged, which suggests it’s only a matter of time before a fourth mutation develops, at which point complete resistance to Pfizer’s jab may be imminent.

The spike protein used in mRNA COVID-19 vaccines consists of the alleged original SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, without mutations. Multiple variants of concern (VOC) have allegedly emerged, however, which have numerous mutations and are highly infectious. As mutations increase, so do concerns over vaccine resistance and enhanced infectivity. As the researchers explained in bioRxiv, the preprint server for biology –

“The receptor binding domain (RBD) of the spike protein binds to the host cell receptor ACE2, and the interaction mediates membrane fusion during SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 are mainly directed to the RBD and block the interaction between the RBD and ACE2. Most SARS-CoV-2 variants have acquired mutations in the neutralizing antibody epitopes of the RBD, resulting in escape from neutralizing antibodies.”

When a single mutation was added to the Delta spike, most of the anti-RBD antibodies still recognized it. This wasn’t the case with four mutations, however, which the researchers called Delta 4+. Not only was Delta 4+ not recognised, but infectivity was enhanced:

In short, while Pfizer’s Covid-19 jab still neutralised the Delta variant, when four common mutations were introduced to the RBD, the vaccine lost the ability to neutralize the variant and instead enhanced its infectivity.

“A third round of booster immunization with the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is currently under consideration,” the researchers explained. “Our data suggest that repeated immunization with the wild-type spike may not be effective in controlling the newly emerging Delta variants.”

Despite the growing recognition that increasing injections may only make matters worse, Israel is currently carrying out a booster shot campaign after recently recording the highest rate of infections over 7 days in the world despite 80% of the population being fully vaccinated. The US and UK have also confirmed they are about to follow suit.

A number of experts have raised concerns that Covid-19 injections and the mass vaccination program could worsen the pandemic by triggering the development of new variants, via a concept known as antigenic, or immune, escape.

A general principle in biology, vaccinology and microbiology is that if you put living organisms like bacteria or viruses under pressure, via antibiotics, antibodies or chemotherapeutics, for example, but don’t kill them off completely, you can inadvertently encourage their mutation into more virulent strains. Those that escape your immune system end up surviving and selecting mutations to ensure their further survival.

Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D., a vaccinology expert and former global director of vaccine programs, including work for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is among those who have warned about immune escape due to the pressure being placed upon the virus during mass vaccination.

“It will have a very tough time … and a lot of these microorganisms will die,” Bossche says. “But if you cannot really kill them all, if you cannot prevent, completely, the infection and if there are still some microorganisms that can replicate despite this huge pressure, they will start to select mutations that enable them to survive.”7

COVID-19 has a high capacity for mutation but, according to Bossche, if the virus isn’t under pressure, it won’t necessarily see a need to select mutations to, for instance, become more infectious. But if you put it under pressure, as is occurring during the mass vaccination campaign — or as Bossche calls it the “one big experiment” — this may change.

Dr. Peter McCullough — an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and a full professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine in Dallas, who is also the editor of two medical journals and has published hundreds of studies in the literature — is also concerned about immune escape:

“If we keep this up with the injections, there is going to be one variant after another … We’re playing with fire here with this mass vaccination … My interpretation as an internist and cardiologist — I’m a trained epidemiologist, I’ve literally done a year of intense COVID research and training — I’m going to tell you, I think this Delta outbreak that we have right now is the product of mass vaccination.

If we didn’t have the jab, we would have been better off. We had already treated this down to a very acceptable level.”

Mass Vaccination Driving Vaccine-Resistant Mutants

Another study — based on a mathematical model — simulates how vaccination rates and the rate of viral transmission influence SARS-CoV-2 variants. They found that a worst-case scenario can develop when a large percentage of a population is vaccinated but viral transmission remains high — much as it is now. This represents the prime scenario for the development of resistant mutant strains. As noted in the study, published in Scientific Reports

“… [A] counterintuitive result of our analysis is that the highest risk of resistant strain establishment occurs when a large fraction of the population has already been vaccinated but the transmission is not controlled.

Similar conclusions have been reached in a SIR model of the ongoing pandemic and a model of pathogen escape from host immunity. Furthermore, empirical data consistent with this result has been reported for influenza.”

It’s very similar to the development of antibiotic resistance, during which bacteria mutate and get stronger to survive the assault of antibacterial agents. Covid-19 injections do not block infection completely; they allow infection to occur and may lessen symptoms, but during that time viruses can mutate to evade the immune system.

In an unvaccinated person, the virus does not encounter the same evolutionary pressure to mutate into something stronger but, according to Paul Bieniasz, a Howard Hughes investigator at the Rockefeller University, partially vaccinated individuals “might serve as sort of a breeding ground for the virus to acquire new mutations.”

Already, variants have emerged that are showing signs of vaccine resistance. August 30th, 2021, the World Health Organisation highlighted the ‘mu’ variant as a variant of interest (VOI), stating it has “a constellation of mutations that indicate potential properties of immune escape.”

As of August 31, 2021, 39 countries had reported mu cases. The ‘lambda’ variant, which WHO designated as a VOI on June 14, 2021, also shows signs of increased infectivity and resistance to vaccines. Writing in medRxiv, researchers from Chile noted –

“Our results indicate that mutations present in the spike protein of the Lambda variant of interest confer increased infectivity and immune escape from neutralizing antibodies elicited by CoronaVac.

These data reinforce the idea that massive vaccination campaigns in countries with high SARS-CoV-2 circulation must be accompanied by strict genomic surveillance allowing the identification of new isolates carrying spike mutations and immunology studies aimed to determine the impact of these mutations in immune escape and vaccines breakthrough.”

Is Natural Immunity Superior for Variants?

As further evidence of the Covid-19 injections waning effectiveness and the superiority of natural immunity, data presented July 17th, 2021, to the Israeli Health Ministry revealed that, of the more than 7,700 Covid-19 cases reported since May 2021, only 72 occurred in people who had previously had COVID-19 — a rate of less than 1%. In contrast, more than 3,000 cases — or approximately 40% — occurred in people who had received a COVID-19 vaccine.

In other words, those who were vaccinated were 6.72 times — nearly 700% — more likely to develop Covid-19 than those who had natural immunity from a prior infection. Speaking with journalist Daniel Horowitz, pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole explained that natural immunity produces broad immunity that can’t be matched by vaccination –

“A natural infection induces hundreds upon hundreds of antibodies against all proteins of the virus, including the envelope, the membrane, the nucleocapsid, and the spike. Dozens upon dozens of these antibodies neutralize the virus when encountered again.

Additionally, because of the immune system exposure to these numerous proteins (epitomes), our T cells mount a robust memory, as well. Our T cells are the ‘marines’ of the immune system and the first line of defense against pathogens. T cell memory to those infected with SARSCOV1 is at 17 years and running still.”

A retrospective observational study published August 25th 2021 also found that natural immunity is superior to immunity from Covid-19 jabs, with researchers stating, “This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity.”

Further, according to a team of researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine, if you’ve had Covid-19 — even a mild case — you’re likely to be immune for life, as is the case with recovery from many infectious agents.

Unfortunately, health officials aren’t making a distinction for those who have recovered from Covid-19 and continue to recommend injections for all, which may be adding fuel to the fire instead of extinguishing it.

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By Dr Joseph Mercola

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1 month ago

I am please to see this. More truth is good. Might help steer towards treatments.

Vaccines are never ‘treatments’. They simply are intended to provoke the immune system to ‘treat’ the condition, attack the virus, deal with it. Is all.

Now we see the virus mutating as might have been predicted.

Interesting to note that a ‘treatment’ such as Ivermectin which binds to the ACE2 receptor and blocks anything else from using it would still, I suppose, be effective even as these successive vaccines are not.

Treatment is what is needed. but it is ignored and even denigrated.

Ivermectin is a treatment. Immune system enhancements are treatments. Monoclonal antibodies are treatments. Anxiety reduction is a treatment as it is an immune system enhancement.

And so on.

People have been led to believe that vaccines somehow ‘treat’ things and shoot them down with a magic bullet.

Nonsense. Your own immune system does it. Help your immune system. Refuse to be cowed and frightened by your government. Refuse to be disempowered. Refuse to be locked away from friends and family and exercise and sun. Refuse to be tricked and deceived. Refuse to be deprived of proven medicines.

Nothing wrong with a vaccine prompting your immune system into action.

Much better if it works in conjunction with a healthy immune system.

Better if they both work in conjunction with therapeutics.

Much better if you can do without the vaccine.

And much much better if you can do without government coercion deprivation punishments etc..

Reply to  abrogard
1 month ago

You can’t refuse anything when they control your food supply, your water supply, your housing, your income. Only the rich can do that, and even they can only do it for a time (ie. until their hoarded supplies run out). They have all the guns and all the power.

Personally, I’m on the side of the virus. Mutate, mutate, mutate. Go, go, go deadly virus. Exterminate the vermin that are the human race from this planet. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving species.

Reply to  abc
1 month ago

There s no virus. They would never release something which could hurt them, too and can’t be controlled (mutation). Not being hurt they need something they can control but can be used to mimic a pandemic to make people believe and controlled via fear of the germ. But a poison (distribution) is easy to control, especially if to make real harm requires another component, the invisible frequencies.

Reply to  abrogard
1 month ago

Where is any proof for that mutating virus? Even the ‘original’ was never properly, fully isolated anywhere in the world. How they identify mutations or variants?
If I look around I see no virus but since the beginning of the pandemic I’ve been seeing new tech deployed in warp speed as essential work.
Covid is 4-5G caused illness and with the discovery that they put graphene oxide into the covid vaxxes and before that into flu vaxxes (first wave) and knowing what graphene oxide do if boosted by certain frequencies the puzzle is ready and full.
Watch this. ‘Watch how Graphene oxide reacts to a phone call’

All of the docs who are parroting about variants either controlled opposition or don’t dare to admit that their ‘knowledge’ was built on false base. As long as the virus legend lives we lost. To stop this madness we firts MUST SPEAK ABOUT the real cause.

‘Dr. José Luis Sevillano explains how graphene oxide and EMFs create the so-called COVID lung.’

Reply to  abrogard
1 month ago

Everything is wrong with them, take time to do a proper research. That’s why children are more and more ill with every generations. The book, E. McBean: The Poisoned Needle is an excellent documentary and can be reed freely on, don’t use Google, use Duck.
Or read this on

‘Dr. Martín Monteverde: ‘Medical Schools will have to rethink everything from now on’

1 month ago

Flu variant. There FIFY

1 month ago

To my best knowledge there is no test for variants inc. Delta. But there is a Greek Delta sign on many 5G stuff. Meaning then that those who unfortunately were vaxxed with graphene oxide disguised as covid vax now are dying because a certain frequency ‘activates’ graphene oxide in their bodies. They try to cover it but satanists love symbolism, that’s why this is the Delta ‘variant’
Read back the articles on

Reply to  GundelP
1 month ago

ADE..this is happening right now with the “variants”, and it is being engineered.

Reply to  bct2000
1 month ago

Watch this on YT. That goes in your body diluted.
‘Watch how Graphene oxide reacts to a phone call’Graphene O. were found in covid vaccines, in flu vaccines (!), first wave. They implemented a new tech with ‘warp speed’, whenever I look I can see these new antennas. While there is no isolated covid virus.

I usually like the articles here but I don’t like pushing the virus and variants lie further. Anyone with graphene oxide in the body could be made very ill or killed even with a mobile phone, wifi, other smart ‘toys’.
Some mobiles are ‘faulty’. Mine was too, that’s why I could make the connection more than a year ago. Since then I knew about others. And this phenomenon is software related, they do it from afar, if you notice and report they can fix it without servicing the phone! People even without graphene oxide (or at leasr not from a vaccine) went ill with flu / cold / allergy like symptoms, those ones who later reported the problem with their mobiles. Mine suddenly started to cause full blown asthma attacks but never before.

This is how they cause covid and this is in my opinion how they killed some unvaxxed who recently, suddenly died to covid. Buy an EMF meter and let it measure, you’ll see bad spikes sooner or later close to wifi, ANY wifi using stuff and mobiles.

1 month ago

Just as I told you so! Fresh article, a BOMBSHELL. They cause ‘covid’ with the help of mobile phones and wireless tech. Another proof:

‘Guillermo Iturriga, Molecular Biophysicist and Electrical Engineer shared some details about his research on the electronic components and non-ferrous metals that are part of the composition of AstraZeneca’s vaccination vials in an interview for Chile Digno

During the interview, he also referred to the case of the Chilean teacher who made it fashionable to stick cellphones in the magnetic arm. The biophysicist explains that the phenomenon is due to graphene oxide, which causes inoculates to express magnetism depending on their intrinsic physical condition (electrohypersensitivity) and body temperature, as also previously explained by Dr. José Luis Sevillano.

Below, Orwell City brings to English the explanations given by the CEO of Laser Beam Technology Chile…’, latest with details and video

Reply to  GundelP
1 month ago

gundel, how do you explain the contagious/”infectious” nature of this phenomena within a group of people?

Reply to  Nikolaj
1 month ago

They all slept with the same mobile? Wifi? We went back to cabled, no wifi in the house and it is EMF shielded. Despite of it randomly I measured very high EMF emission. It happened on a warmer day when my only wifi equipment the aircon was on. To stay on the honest side I still don’t know it caught some frequencies as being a ‘smart tool’ or was a co-incidence and the red-light dangerous level was due to a passing satellite. But the level was in the red zone, we can’t measure it 24/7, but in can cause harm or even death due to killed cells in moments. 5G and satellites must be stopped, this is the only survival chance of the already vaccinated as with time graphene oxide will be eliminated by the body, that’s why they want booster shots.