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We need to talk about why people are dying – 62% of excess deaths since March 2020 have occurred at home but just 3% are associated with Covid-19

Since March 7th 2020 there have been 250,725 deaths that have occurred at home up to August 27th 2021, an increase of 68,411 on the previous 5 year average. But just 8,249 of these deaths are associated with the alleged Covid-19 disease.. So why have so many people died? And why are they still dying?

Office for National Statistics data shows us that excess deaths have occurred in the home every single week between March 7th 2020 and August 27th 2021, but the same cannot be said for hospitals or care homes. Instead excess deaths have only occurred in these two places in line with the first, second, and third waves of alleged Covid-19 deaths.

Further data which can be downloaded here via the ONS website shows the full picture which is as follows between March 7th 2020 and August 27th 2021 –

Deaths occurring in Hospital

  • Total number of deaths all causes – 379,517
  • Total number of deaths associated with Covid-19 – 98,564
  • Total number of excess deaths against the 5 year average – 19,168

Deaths occurring in Care Homes

  • Total number of deaths all causes – 191,152
  • Total number of deaths associated with Covid-19 – 32,348
  • Total number of excess deaths against the 5 year average – 23,740

Deaths occurring in Private Homes

  • Total number of deaths all causes – 250,725
  • Total number of deaths associated with Covid-19 – 8,249
  • Total number of excess deaths against the 5 year average – 68,411

As you can see from the numbers of above excess deaths in both hospitals and care homes have actually been far less than the number of alleged deaths associated with Covid-19 to have occurred in hospitals and care homes. However, the same cannot be said for deaths occurring in private homes.

Alleged Covid-19 deaths account for 26% of all deaths in hospitals between March 7th 2020 and August 27th 2021, whilst excess deaths in hospital account for 17% of all excess deaths that have occurred within the same time frame.

Alleged Covid-19 deaths account for 17% of all deaths in care homes between March 7th 2020 and August 27th 2021, whilst excess deaths in care homes account for 21% of all excess deaths that have occurred within the same time frame.

You would therefore believe deaths occurring at home would follow a similar pattern but the reality is far from it. Alleged Covid-19 deaths account for just 3% of all deaths at home between March 7th 2020 and August 27th 2021, whilst excess deaths at home account for a huge 62% of all excess deaths that have occurred within the same time frame.

Excess deaths in hospitals and care homes can be explained by the return of the Liverpool Care Pathway, you only need to look at the data on prescriptions for a drug called Midazolam against excess deaths throughout the pandemic as to see why.

But explaining the reasons as to why so many deaths are occurring at home isn’t as simple.

During the first wave of alleged Covid-19 deaths in March 2020, and the second wave of alleged Covid-19 deaths in January 2020 it could have been argued that the reason for so many deaths occurring at home is because hospitals were overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients. This argument however, cannot be used to explain why there have been excess deaths occurring at home every single week since the alleged Covid-19 pandemic struck the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately though it cannot even be used to explain why so many excess deaths occurred at home during the alleged first and second wave of Covid-19 deaths, because the NHS was never overwhelmed.

NHS data shows us that during the height of the “first wave” between April and June 2020 there were 58,005 beds occupied which equated to 62% occupancy. This is 30% down on the same time frame in the previous year.

  • In 2017, April-June there were on average a total of 91,724 beds occupied which equated to 89.1% occupancy.
  • In 2018, April-June there were on average a total of 91,056 beds occupied which equated to 89.8% occupancy.
  • In 2019, April-June there were on average a total of 91,730 beds occupied which equated to 90.3% occupancy.
  • In 2020, April-June there were on average a total of 58,005 beds occupied which equated to 62% occupancy.

It also shows us that A&E attendance during the height of the first wave was 57% down on the previous year.

  • 2018 – April – 1,984,369 attended A&E
  • 2019 – April – 2,112,165 attended A&E
  • 2020 – April – 916,581 attended A&E

The above was also true for the alleged second wave of Covid-19 during the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021, although it was slightly busier than the first wave, so as you can see an overwhelmed NHS is not a valid argument to justify so many excess deaths occurring in private homes, but perhaps NHS neglect is.

In March 2020 over 2 million operations were cancelled to allegedly free up beds for at least three months for alleged Covid-19 patients.

It’s not hard to work out the knock on effect this would have on the health of those who had their operations cancelled.

Then we also have the fact that GP’s refused to participate in face to face consultations, instead preferring to carry them out over the phone or via video call. This will of course have led to missed diagnosis of serious illness resulting in deaths that otherwise would not have occurred.

Since the start of the alleged pandemic, the number of people waiting for NHS treatment in England has grown by at least a fifth. 5.3 million people were waiting for treatment in May 2021. There has been a particularly sharp increase in the number of people waiting for longer than a year, causing widespread concern over the scale of the NHS ‘backlog’.

A backlog of that size will of course be leading to a number of deaths to occur at home that otherwise would have not occurred. However, Sajid Javid, the Health and Social Care Secretary, has warned that it is ‘going to get a lot worse before it gets better’ and could grow to 13 million. So we can possibly expect to see excess deaths in private homes continuing for some time to come.

Another factor at play in causing excess deaths at home will be thanks to the psychological warfare unlesashed by the Government on the advice of Susan Michie and her colleagues in the Scientific Panedemic Insights Group on Behaviours (SPI-B).

The above screenshots are taken from a document produced by SPI-B entitled ‘Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures‘, with policies such as using “media to increase sense of personal threat” being implemented since March 2020.

The problem with this being that the fear they managed to instill in the general population led to many not wanting to seek medical care due to a fear of being a burden on the NHS, or catching the virus if they leave their home, which has no doubt lead to many unnecessary deaths occurring in private homes.

Here’s an example of some of the ‘hard hitting emotional messaging’ used to manipulate the British people into complying with what is without a doubt medical tyranny –

“Don’t kill granny with the virus” warns Matt Hancock who blames spike in Covid cases on middle-class youth. This is just one example of many that have been used to increase the perceived level of personal threat.

But of course it’s headlines like the above that led to so many people opting to get one of the Covid-19 vaccines, vaccines which have been proven to cause deadly blood clots and myocarditis.

There is now a proven link between the AstraZeneca Covid-19 injection and unusual blood clots associated with low blood platelets.

And the UK Medicine Regulator has confirmed that both the Pfizer jab and Moderna jab can cause myocarditis; inflammation of the heart muscle, and pericarditis; inflammation of the protective sacs around the heart, particularly among younger males.

Could this therefore be the reason so many excess deaths are still occurring at home 18 months after the alleged Covid-19 pandemic began? The theory is certainly supported by data found on the UK Government website for the week ending September 5th 2021.

Public Health England collects data on certain symptoms reported when a call is made to ambulance services, and it shows that calls related to cardiac or respiratory arrest have been above the pre-Covid-19 average since the start of the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out, and miles above average since younger adults started to get the jab.

Correlation is of course not causation, but something is causing a huge spike in these concerning symptoms, and something is causing excess deaths to occur in private homes week after week, and it is not Covid-19.

The Covid-19 vaccines have proven to be extremely unsafe so far with over 1.1 million adverse reactions and over 1,600 deaths being reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme.

They have also proven to be clearly not working thanks to Public Health England data which shows 70% of all alleged Covid-19 deaths are people who have been vaccinated, whilst Public Health Scotland data shows 80% of all alleged Covid-19 deaths in August were people who have been vaccinated.

There isn’t a single answer as to why so many excess deaths have occurred at home since March 2020 and continue to occur, instead there seems to be a number of factors at play as we have detailed above.

But the fact that 62% of all excess deaths in the last 18 months have occurred at home, a total of 68,411 and only 3% of them, a total of 8,249 had anything to do with Covid-19, certainly suggests that the intended “cure” has been far worse than the alleged Covid-19 disease, and things show no sign of improving any time soon.

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14 days ago

Yes indeed & UK Column pointed this out many times.All part of the plan to murder these ppl on waiting lists & needing urgent medical attention to exaggerate the Covid figures. The only excess deaths throughout the Covid hoax were care home murders & lock down murders…..the rest are rebranded flu.

Reply to  Matty
14 days ago

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Paul H
Paul H
Reply to  Matty
13 days ago

That’s pretty much it. We’re being attacked by our own government, slaughtered actually, few mention this, preferring to ‘intellectualise’ the discussion. The truth is, there is a massive agenda afoot that we who understand as such, realise it to be depopulation. For any scoffers of this claim, perhaps you would enlighten us as to the logic of the last eighteen months, and the achievements of the so called ‘lockdowns’.Peruse Alex Jones et al for your enlightenment.

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Susan Price
14 days ago

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13 days ago

Well done Susan, that’s quite a lot of money for working from home. I presume you’re mostly on your back?