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Dr Vernon Coleman – “The Government thinks your childs life is worth just £10 and there is a special place in hell for Devi Sridhar”

Dr Vernon Coleman has released another video expressing grave concerns about the incoming attempts to give the experimental Covid-19 injection to children without parental consent.

You can watch the video in full below –

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Gundel the Real
Gundel the Real
11 days ago

Doesn’t matter, they won’t care. All of the people who vaccinated their children in the past are believers anyway, they will believe in this new one, too and let the child get it.
30-40 years ago the today’ illnesses, those amount of serious allergies, G-Barré, autism were all unknown or extremely rare. If you ever was vaccinated against pertussis, you are prone to asthma later in life. If you gave birth, the child couldn’t inherit the natural protection needed to safely have it and survive it without problem. That was just an example, there are many more.

The modern ‘science’ is a religion with dogmas and ceremonies, vaccination is one of them. I work with animals, I saw many to grow up. No one is as healthy, as strong, as clever and joyful than the unvaxxed. Like it or not this is the truth.

Reply to  Gundel the Real
11 days ago

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Last edited 11 days ago by Lorra
10 days ago

I’ve known personally intimately actually some of the most influential figures in this country and believe me they are incredibly naive. Unbelievably really And they think they know so much more than ordinary people but they just don’t.