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Joe Biden is too obsessed with vaccinating kids & forcing toddlers to wear masks in school to care about saving American lives in Afghanistan

As much as Donald Trump was accused by the left of being incompetent and incapable when it came to domestic and foreign policy, his presidency was, by any measure, one of the most successful in the history of the USA.

Trump created one of the best economies America had ever had; there were more jobs than there were available workers (full employment, in other words), wages had risen for all demographics, companies were expanding, and opportunities abounded.

He cut taxes and raised the USA’s energy independence to a level unseen since the 1960s. Their military was strong, and though he was criticised frequently for his boorishness by the USA’s allies, their enemies respected him — and the USA, by default.

Trump’s administration made historic peace deals in parts of the world that had been at each other’s throats for decades. And he had a plan to get the military men and women out of Afghanistan after 20 years.

But then, his re-election was allegedly stolen from him and now America is stuck with a frail, old man who clearly has dementia. A man whose foreign and domestic policies are a disaster.

Energy prices are going up, and the US is becoming dependent again on foreign producers. There are jobs a-plenty, but because they are paying people to stay home via outsized unemployment benefits under the guise of ‘COVID relief,’ there aren’t enough workers to full availabilities, so businesses are suffering and they can’t expand.

The military remains strong but is becoming infiltrated with woke, left-wing, Marxist ideologues who hate the founding principles of the country they swore an oath to defend. Whilst the USA’s enemies think Biden’s a joke and are emboldened to act (they will soon, too, wait and see), while its allies worry that Biden and his handlers won’t be there for them if they get into trouble.

Consider the debacle pull-out of Afghanistan: Biden ordered it in April (remember when Trump ordered everyone out by May 1st?), and yet, this past week as U.S. forces pulled out, they did so hastily, chaotically, and without rhyme or reason after having months to prepare, leaving behind thousands of Americans in the process.

Thousands of American citizens are currently trapped in Afghanistan — despite the US having occupied the country for two decades and having had months to plan its withdrawal.

The very first duty of a President is to serve and take care of Americans; he has utterly failed in that responsibility, that much is obvious. But it gets worse.

This week, as pandemonium swept across Afghanistan with the advance of Taliban forces, Biden wasn’t worried about that situation. No.

He was far more concerned with forcing state-managed local school districts to force children to mask-up as they head back to classrooms this fall — because he claims to ‘care’ about school children.

Let’s be frank about this: It’s not that Biden ‘cares’ so much about public school kids. It’s that his left-wing Marxist handlers hate it when a Republican governor or leader pushes back on their authoritarianism, because they think they are entitled to ‘rule’ over America rather than govern with consent.

Fortunately, some of those same governors — like Florida’s Ron DeSantis — aren’t having it. He’s calling Biden out for his abject hypocrisy.

“You have all the stuff going on with Afghanistan – obviously all the stuff at the southern border … one of the biggest border disasters in the history of our country, inflation, gas prices, and what does he do?” DeSantis said this week on Fox News‘s ‘Hannity’.

“He is obsessed with having the government force kindergartners to wear masks all day in school,” DeSantis added. “In Florida, we believe that that’s the parents’ decision. Joe Biden thinks the federal government should come in and overrule the parents and force these young kids to wear these masks.”

Biden isn’t in charge, that’s obvious, the guy can barely string a sentence together. But the people running his administration could not care less about saving American lives.

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Richard Hoard
Richard Hoard
27 days ago

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Last edited 26 days ago by Cindy
27 days ago

totally delusional Trump worship. Henry Kissingers rent boy Trump did f/a for America in reality. Is their anyone who doesn’t know what a complete scumbag Kissinger is and that he was in the White House all along ?
corrupt Trump j e w was compulsive perverted pedo worshipping tax evading liar whose best friend Roy Cohn was the Epstein of his day

For those who want a well researched take on trumptard watch Brendon O’Connells stuff and even the big article Whitney Webb did on trump and his criminal child rapist and drug trafficking dirtbag friends

Last edited 27 days ago by Sorcha
Reply to  Sorcha
27 days ago

And the play act against his kiddy snffing/groping cousin biden is the same as trump did with his cousin Clinton pure b/s

A these pedo loving corrupt fakes USA being cousins of the fraud royal traitorous pedo loving rat on the throne

27 days ago

Trump rushed the vqccine out as experiments, though ,and led America into lockdown when he clearly didnt want to .That says more than mobs of news stories will say about where the power lies .The economic hardships from Fergusons projections on the globe are serious but have made the rich fat richer and will make them far far richer in the long run Its absolutely increased and increasing the economic division between the rich and poor and gutting the middle classes the most Building up an ever increasing lower level .The Afghan situation will create great wealth opportunities for the rich .Thats reality.Thats who Bidens caring for . And I’ll bet he wont be slashing Trumps space force .The future of warfare and the massive trillions in profits that will create for the richest.

Reply to  Annonymous
27 days ago

He clearly didn’t want to? Deluding yourself completely
HE was in charge, HE had his pants around his ankles kiking Americans all the way. HE says in that video that HE is the father of the vaccines and it was HE who put pressure on their medical agency to rush the vaccines through. All on film in his own words. HE had plenty of time and opportunity to get rid of Fauci but HE did nothing and allowed that evil traitor to carry on
When HE was reciting that song about the snake, he was talking about himself, rubbing in Americans faces and they couldn’t even see that he was laughing at their stupidity.
HE even lied about why he fell out with his good friend Mossad pedo Epstein.
HE has had so any court cases taken against him but pays out of court settlements then falsely clams he was found not guilty every time. Just like best friend the Epstein of his day Roy Cohn taught him to.

He will turn on a dime & change his mind and con America as and when it suits his string pullers agenda and deny everything that catches out his compulsive lies, just as his gay child raping Russian-Jew best friend and mentor Roy Cohn taught him to.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire and back again perpetually is the state America finds itself in at election time, the same way we do and that’s because we are all being duped into only being allowed to vote for the “eternal enemy of mankind” as Presidents and PMs.
Australia are realising it’s the same for them too.
Gladys the big nosed traitor of NSW is earning herself a free nose job.

ANY man whose very best friend is an evil child raping corrupt piece of garbage like Roy Cohn is not in any way a good man. That will be instantly obvious to all good men.

Trump is a total con man who wasted away over $140 million inheritance and then became the property of the corrupt j ew i s h cabal who bailed him out. He’s owned.
Steve Banons speech vowing to take traitor Kissinger, Soros and the rest down. Kissinger the protected war criminal is in bed with China and has been for decades & all the while Kissinger was running Trump like a b*tch from the White House and now Banon has completely gone back on his word and has become Kissingers bitch too. It’s all an act ..

Last edited 27 days ago by Sorcha
27 days ago

I’m wondering who these americans that were ‘left behind’ are? The ‘journalists’ don’t seem to know or care, preferring instead to give the impression that they’re ‘families’ of cuddly wuddly american heroes, just there for god only knows what. If I’d offered you the chance to go live in afghanistan a year ago would you have taken it? As far as I can see, they must be the people america put in place to ‘govern’ the afghan ‘citizens’ whilst the good ol’ usa filled its pockets with afghan resources.

Another thing I’m wondering is what happened to the uk soldiers and assorted other ‘heroes’? Again, the ‘journalists’ don’t seem to care.

27 days ago

Joe and toddlers and force are 3 unhealthy images .