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Two Men Develop Swollen Pus-filled Bumps on Their Faces After Receiving Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine

Two California men developed swelling, crusting and pus-filled on their faces after they received a dose of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. Researchers say that the vaccines caused the men’s immune systems to suffer an overreaction, both of whom already had high levels of neutrophils.

The cases were reported in an observation published in JAMA Dermatology, where the researchers detailed the experiences of the patients who were referred to the University of California hospital.

According to the report, the men both suffered symptoms such as facial swelling, crusting on the cheeks and pustules after getting vaccinated. One man, who was in his 50s, first visited the emergency room just four days after his first dose of the Moderna vaccine. Whilst the man did not have a fever, he had excessive swelling, pustules and crusting on his cheeks and near his eyes. He did not have any previous history of allergic reactions, facial fillers or rosacea. The man was prescribed antibiotics and topical corticosteroids, and his symptoms were resolved within a week.

A second patient, a man in his 80s, exhibited similar symptoms within 24 hours of receiving a dose of the Moderna vaccine. The man suffered from facial swelling with redness and pain, fatigue and fever. When he visited the hospital for examination, doctors discovered that he also had red bumps on his skin, pustules and crusting across his cheeks and nose. He was prescribed antibiotics and immunosuppressive medication.

Researchers discovered that both of the patients had incredibly high levels of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that destroys foreign invaders in the body. They concluded that the vaccine caused an overreaction in the men’s bodies that caused their white blood cell counts to rise dramatically, and the immune system to respond in the form of a rash.

Within the report, the researchers wrote: ” The clinical presentation of a facial rash with pustules and the shared…findings of a dense neutrophilic infiltrate…support a facial pustular neutrophilic eruption as the reaction pattern. Reassuringly, this facial pustular neutrophilic eruption resolved within seven to 10 days and without serious [after effects].”

This news comes as, recently, many people who were inoculated with the Moderna vaccine reported reactions at their injection site up to 11 days after their dose, which has now been called “Covid arm.”

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2 months ago

The really sad part about all of these covid vaxx injuries is that the very medical system that imposed the damage is also making billions treating the injuries it caused. Sick, very sick.

Monica T. Goodin
Monica T. Goodin
Reply to  Krofter
1 month ago

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Last edited 1 month ago by Monica T. Goodin
2 months ago

People are cowards Always have been like sheep looking for a shepherd Evil thrives when good men flock together and comply .

Reply to  Anonymous
1 month ago

I agree entirely. My Sister and her Husband are a pair of sheep. I sent her no end of information, articles and uploads warning her about the dangers of these experimental death jabs. She refused to even acknowledge anything I said and sent over to her. She told me that she had received her second shot on 7 July 2021. She then said to me I know you don’t agree with these injections and I said correct and for a very big reason. I then said to her if she starts to develop symptoms to get it logged onto the yellow card reporting system. I doubt she would and I doubt she even knew about that. Her husband is also double jabbed too. When I asked her why she’d rolled up her sleeve for this poison she really couldn’t give a rational explanation and just said people don’t want to hear me ramming the covid/vax stuff down people’s throats. I said to her and why is that because it’s the truth and said it’s not my fault you and your husband are completely brainwashed. I then said maybe turn off your TV set and said stop listening to some stranger on the propaganda machine who is paid to push this sinister agenda and said stop listening to the lying Government. I then went onto say, this whole global shitshow has never been about public health and said do you really think the Government have people’s best interests at heart. She got quite irate with what I said but I don’t care. The best of it is, she’s self employed and works alone so it’s not like she’s got some boss pushing her to get jabbed. Her husband works at an oil company in the UK and Management had told all staff that they were no longer to do a car share and told all staff that they must travel to and from site alone. I wonder if Management have been telling staff no jab no job. Even if that is the case there was no reason why my Sister had to roll up her sleeve for this injectable poison. It just goes to show that neither my Sister or her Hubby can actually think for themselves. They infuriate me and we have not spoken since. They are both in for the biggest shock of their lives when this poison starts to well and truly kick in. They are both going to learn the hard way unless they have been lucky to receive the placebo. At the end of the day, as we all know, the Government want most of us dead so the chances are that they were both given the real poison. I also get the distinctive impression that both my Sister and her Hubby still think all that’s unfolding before our very eyes is about a virus. I tried my best to discourage them from getting the jabs and it’s now out of my hands.

1 month ago

I absolutely love this website. I can’t thank you enough for reporting the truth. A huge thank you for all that you do.

Kim Thomas
Kim Thomas
1 month ago

Send that to Meghan and Harry, they promoted the Nanotechnology mRNA to Americans.