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Restaurant Owners and Employees Reject Enforcing Covid Vaccine Mandates and Acting as Jab Police

Vaccine passports are spreading across the world. Here's ...
Vaccine passports appear to be becoming the norm around the world and are forcing businesses to police their customers.

Covid-19 vaccine mandates have come into effect for people who want to dine in restaurants all over the United States. As a result, this has unfortunately forced restaurant staff to turn into vaccination enforcers who have now raised their objections to cities using them as vaccine police.

Many US cities have recently begun introducing vaccine passports, meaning that proof of vaccination must be shown before an individual can gain access to certain public spaces. These include restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters, gyms, and other business venues. Some of the largest cities to make these mandates include New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

These cities have tasked restaurant owners and their employees with the responsibility of ensuring that their customers are fully vaccinated through checking vaccine passports.

However, many restaurant owners have strongly criticised the vaccine mandates, saying that they are only hurting business. Due to the new rules, many customers have canceled reservations and raised objections to passports. Other customers have gone online to leave negative reviews, rightfully angry about their civil liberties being violated.

Other restaurant owners have said that customers have accused them and their staff of infringing on personal rights and discriminating against the unvaccinated.

As a result, restaurant owners have been forced into a tricky situation as they do not want to lose customers over legitimate concerns about their health privacy and personal liberties.

Despite this, many restaurant owners believe they must follow the law and check the vaccination status of their customers. Those who are complying with the rules believe that they must do this to keep their businesses running and avoid being fined thousands of dollars after the lockdowns have already taken so much potential revenue from them.

Laurie Thomas, an owner of two restaurants in San Francisco, said: “Tell me the last time you were carded at a restaurant?” It’s a different level of training.” Thomas said that she is worried about her staff having to enforce the vaccine mandate.

Another restaurant owner, Rob DeLuca, said: “What’s going to happen when you ask somebody for their papers and they don’t want to show them to you?

“What are we supposed to do? We’re privately owned businesses, I don’t know why this is our job.”

Countless other restaurant owners have raised concerns about the impact the vaccine mandate will have on their businesses.

Massimo Felici, the owner of three restaurants in Staten Island, said: “For 15 to 16 months business was not happening at all. In one, I had to get rid of 80 percent of my staff. We barely survived. I thought I was definitely going to lose my restaurants.” Speaking about the vaccine mandate, he believes that it could destroy his business.

Andrew Robbins, the CEO of a customer service company said that many restaurant owners and managers are very anxious about putting their staff at risk by turning them into vaccine enforcers: “It’s not like carding someone at the bar for a beer… [where] you’re just enforcing the law. You’re making up the law and that is a really difficult situation for people to be in.”

Robbins, along with many other, is fearful that the vaccine mandate will result in many people leaving the restaurant industry as they become turned off by the idea of becoming vaccine enforcers. If this happens, it will only make the labour shortage even worse.

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1 month ago

It’s a win-win for the state as either the un-jabbed comply to being jabbed to go to the restaurant or they don’t and the restaurant is forced to close due to loss of trade. It’s the prohibition era all over again and the equivalent of Speakeasies will spring up. Be strong as we are winning.

Monica T. Goodin
Monica T. Goodin
Reply to  robin
1 month ago

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Last edited 1 month ago by Monica T. Goodin
1 month ago

UK AUGUST 18 2021
“The owner of a gift card shop who refused to close during lockdown has been fined £35,000 by magistrates.
Alasdair Walker-Cox, 54, and wife Lydia, 50, were penalised for breaking coronavirus regulations after they stayed open despite being told to shut.
The couple insist they did nothing wrong because they sold essentials like newspapers, snacks and baking products. They also said that they would rather go to prison than close.
As a result, Worcestershire Regulatory Services hit them with seven separate fines after ordering them to close the doors of Grace Cards and Books in Droitwich, Worcs. The couple were first fined £1,000 last November and have since accumulated £20,000 in penalties.
It was on Tuesday that Mr Walker-Cox went on trial at Kidderminster Magistrates Court. He went to deny failing to comply with The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations.
However, JPs found him guilty of the charges and slapped him with £5,000 fines for each breach – totalling a cost of £35,000.

But shoppers could go to the local supermarket down the road to buy cards, newspapers, drinks, snacks and baking products.
Is that because the tax paid by supermarkets provides much more money for the corrupt government to steal from us than a small family run shop?

I believe they are rightfully appealing this corrupt decision.

Reply to  Sorcha
1 month ago

Blatant injustice. Tiers and tiers of corruption. The Walker-Cox’s are incredibly principled shop keepers. Remember it was once said of England that it is a Nation of shopkeepers. They want to bring the Nation to its knees but did not factor in the likes of these two brave souls.

1 month ago

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1 month ago

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