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Dr Vernon Coleman – “My challenge to Jeremy Vine at the BBC”

I have, since last year, been encouraging viewers and readers to telephone radio stations, talk their way onto live programmes and engage hosts in conversation about the experimental ‘vaccines’.

On the 12th August 2021, I was delighted to hear a caller had engaged a BBC presenter called Jeremy Vine in a short debate about the covid-19 jabs. Vine had appealed for people to ring in if they had refused the vaccine and then fallen ill with covid. This is a popular game with the BBC which constantly runs stories of sceptics who allegedly fell ill with covid-19 and regretted not being jabbed. (Just how many of these individuals really had covid-19 is a moot point.)

By Dr Vernon Coleman

I thought the caller was extremely successful in drawing attention to the dangers of these jabs which are being promoted so heavily by celebrities and mainstream media commentators (most of whom know absolutely nothing about the injections). Eventually, Vine eventually cut the caller off, presumably to make sure that no more of the truth escaped on BBC airwaves.

It is, of course, worth remembering that the BBC is a financial partner of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has massive commercial interests in the manufacture of covid jabs.

So, here’s the challenge to Jeremy Vine.

Let me come on your radio show and debate the covid-19 experimental jab with you. I will explain to you the facts about covid-19 and the reason why the experimental covid vaccine is not safe and doesn’t do what most people think it does. I will also explain why I believe the BBC is the most dishonest media organisation in the world.

The only stipulation is that the debate must be live. Vine can have as many experts advising him as he can fit into his studio. I will be alone.

Why should Vine debate with me?

As a qualified doctor and former GP who has made numerous TV and radio programmes and written numerous bestselling books on medical topics (including vaccination) I would, a few years ago, have been one of the first ‘medical experts’ consulted by the BBC.

But since early 2020 I am not aware of any critic of the covid fraud being allowed airtime on any BBC programme.

I’ll send this challenge to Mr Vine.

And I’d like everyone reading this website to send it to him too.

Jeremy Vine’s email address at the BBC is

If Vine rejects my challenge to discuss all aspects of covid and the controversial jab we will have yet more proof of where the BBC stands on covid and covid experimental vaccination.

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2 months ago

If the BBC were even remotely even-handed they would have solicited people to appear on his or any similar show who had taken the shot(s) and now regretted it. Perhaps I’m being unfair and they have!?

Monica T. Goodin
Monica T. Goodin
Reply to  Stevef
2 months ago

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Last edited 2 months ago by Monica T. Goodin
Turn Around When Possible
Turn Around When Possible
2 months ago

It is a similar situation on LBC. Whenever ‘experimental drug’ is mentioned there seems to be a panic button. Listening to Andrew Castle the other day, a very good caller was making good ground in the argument against vaccines. As soon as the word ‘experimental’ came up you could almost hear an alarm go off, and he was rapidly cut off.

Robert Mackellar
Robert Mackellar
2 months ago

I tried to e-mail but it failed to go through. It says my E-mail address is blacklisted. Is this because I subscribe to Daily Expose or is Vine just not contactable ? has the UK fallen completely into facets hands?

Lynda Corns
Lynda Corns
2 months ago

Well I’ve sent it to Whiney Vile Vine. Only radio show I listen to is

2 months ago

Go on Big Vernie!! You can tell the shill twat how wonderful these toxic death shots are by pointing him to PHE figures that more vaxxed sheep are dying from alleged Covid than unvaxxed. BBC propaganda even admit this yet the sheeple are still rolling up their sleeves & walking around like zombies in their face nappies. Shit me these morons make Forrest Gump look like Einstein.

Ian Usher
Ian Usher
2 months ago

Sent my message to him:
Hi Jeremy,
I’d love to hear you talk to Dr Vernon Coleman, as per his suggestion here:
I think it would be a very enlightening discussion for all.
If you don’t wish to do this I’d appreciate a response explaining why you would decline such an invitation.
Thanks and best wishes,
Ian Usher

2 months ago

Bill Gates even appeared on BBC’s Country File in 2018. He made all BBC employees his rent boys and prostitutes long ago and Vine is 1 of many renting out his greedy traitorous ass for Epsteins good friend and business partner the dollar Bill.

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 months ago

I see a lot of anti vaxxer shit these days, which of course, I am, but what is not discussed is that as the vaccines kill those vaccinated, in ever increasing numbers, probably from when winter begins, those not vaccinated won’t have to worry about how vaxxers feel about us, because they will eventually be the minority and we will be the majority and then we can say “told you so”.

The vaccines are still “test” vaccines and have not been approved for general use in America, even if they have been in other countries, so anyone who takes them, is giving up their life along the lines of “crash test dummies” and we know what happens to them.

It has been discussed that the vaccines cause minute blood clots which clog up minute veins and shut down extremities and in the Lungs, Heart and Brain, until the body is no longer able to operate and overall, just dies – it is a slow and unpleasant death and once in, the mRNA particles, which spread into to all organs throughout the body in just 4 hours, can’t be taken out – death is expected to occur in 2 to 3 years maximum, if not before – so all we have to do is put up with the nasty behavior from vaccinated, until they are dead, it seems to me, all of this achieved in just 7 short months, so far!!

The current count of those vaccinated is between 5 and 6 billion now of 7.2 billion in all, so we are fast approaching an ideal final planetary population of 50 million – which begs the question – who is going to look after the super rich elite, who are behind all of this, if their money is worth nothing and nobody wants to work for it, when the sources for food and life style are free to be taken, from those who have foolishly died from vaccines, until all of the services stop working, because there is nobody left to run them and we become wild animals again, along with all of the other species on this planet?

Electricity, Gas, Petrol, Mechanics, Pilots, Aircraft, Cars, Ships, Meat Processing, Supermarkets, Food Distribution Points, Army, Air-force, Navy, Police, Doctors, Hospitals, Medicines, Money, Buses, Trains and well, the list goes on, with those at the top of our species to be hunted and killed for doing this to “us”: in the first place = Globalists, if the Chinese don’t take over, but what would be the point, they don’t have to worry about competing with countries which no longer exist and they still have the same problems with Covid that we do.

Ken Russell
Ken Russell
Reply to  Richard Noakes
2 months ago

Thank You. I am sending your words to everyone on my email list.