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Alaska Airlines to Mandate Covid-19 Vaccines for all Employees

Alaska Airlines further modernizes fleet with 13 new ...
The airline company has announced that employees must get vaccinated before October 25th or risk termination.

Alaska Airlines has announced that the Covid-19 vaccines will become mandatory for all its employees when the federal government grants full approval to at least one of the currently available jabs.

The proposal was announced in a memo to its staff, putting them in the same category as United Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. United recently became the first large airline to mandate the Covid-19 vaccine for all 67,000 US employees, giving staff until October 25th to comply or face being fired. The policy has been regarded as one of the strictest mandates seen so far from an American company.

Similarly, Hawaiian Airlines announced that they too are making the jabs compulsory, giving its employees until November 1st to receive both doses of the experimental gene therapy. Exemptions will only be allowed for those who have medical or religious reasons. Another airline company, Frontier, is giving its employees the option to avoid the vaccine by agreeing to undergo weekly testing instead.

Southwest Airlines said that they will “continue to strongly encourage” employees to get vaccinated, however, its stance on mandating the vaccines has not changed, CEO Gary Kelly said in an internal memo.

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian revealed on Tuesday that 75% of its workforce are now fully vaccinated even without a company-wide mandate. However, the company required all new employees since May to be vaccinated, with United Airlines adopting a similar stance in June.

American Airlines has stated that they will not be mandating the vaccines, but will instead offer workers who get vaccinated by the end of August one extra day of vacation in 2022 as an incentive.

Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines told the New York Times: “We encourage it everywhere we can, encourage it for our customers and our employees, but we’re not putting mandates in place.”

Outside of the airline industry, Tain operator Amtrak has said that it will require 18,000 plus employees to either get the vaccine or undergo weekly testing. In a memo sent to staff, Chief Executive William Flynn said: “Many employees have shared reasons why they are apprehensive about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. We understand these concerns and encourage everyone to consult with a medical professional and seek out facts from reputable sources.”

In the US, companies such as Netflix, Microsoft, The Washington Post, Disney, Facebook and Google have made the Covid-19 jab compulsory for all staff. It seems as though more companies are set to follow suit despite the countless adverse reactions, injuries and deaths these shots have caused across the globe.

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2 months ago

Looks like the Pfizer jab will be approved by Labor day in the US (1st Monday in September). This will open a whole ‘nuther can of worms.

Monica T. Goodin
Monica T. Goodin
Reply to  Krofter
2 months ago

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Last edited 2 months ago by Monica T. Goodin
2 months ago

Who would fly with them except santa and his reindeer anyway.

2 months ago

[…] This announcement comes as Joe Biden met with airline executives to encourage them to mandate the Covid jabs for all employees, including pilots. As a result, airline companies such as Alaska, Hawaiian, and United Airlines will be forcing all members of staff to get vaccinated or face termination. […]