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American Schoolchildren are Being LURED into Getting Covid-19 Vaccine

The mass vaccination event titled “Spread Love Not COVID Student Edition” offered bribes of free backpacks and school supplies if children got the Pfizer jab.

Schoolchildren are being lured to mass vaccination sites in a school district in Arizona through bribes including free backpacks and school supplies, which children will receive if they get the Covid jab.

Reports coming out of Maricopa County state that a school district there – the Pheonix Union High School District – has been advertising a creepy mass vaccination event named “Spread Love Not COVID Student Edition.”

According to the advertising, the event is targeted at children aged 12 years and older and if these kids attend the vaccination event they will receive a Pfizer Covid-19 jab.

For submitting to the vaccine, the schoolchildren and parents will be offered “free backpacks and other resources” along with their experimental jab: The same Pfizer vaccine that caused 86% of children to suffer an adverse reaction during clinical trials.

Similar attempts to lure children to get vaccinated are being done in other parts of the country.

Parents in Pennsylvania, of the school district of Philadelphia, received a creepy voicemail message inviting them and their children to a mass vaccination event that took place on July 26th.

One creepy and highly dystopian automated voicemail message said: “Hello School District of Philadelphia families. The School District of Philadelphia, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, invites all members of the community age 12 and older to a Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Event.

“Please note that the Philadelphia Board of Health has determined that persons 12 and older who can provide proof of their date of birth can receive a Pfizer vaccine without parental consent. Register for your appointment….”

It is disturbing to hear the government encouraging children to get their Covid-19 vaccine without parental consent, essentially taking control away from the parents as kids are being “cared for” by the state.

In Connecticut, Griffin Health, a private and allegedly not-for-profit health system, hosted a mass vaccination event called “A Shot in the Dark.” The vaccination event was held at night from 6 pm to 10 pm and it was aimed at luring in kids aged 12 to 15.

Patrick Charmel, Griffin Health’s CEO, bragged about luring in masses of children to the vaccination site with music, promises of free ice cream and other bribes.

Charmel said: “The kids have been coming out in large numbers, which is great so I wanna thank them and thank their parents for encouraging them to get vaccinated.”

In the UK, whilst children are currently not able to get the Covid-19 vaccine, the government has been luring younger adults aged 18 and up to get vaccinated through free pizza, free taxi rides, and pop-up vaccine events at nightclubs.

The current coercion campaign is focused on university students, playing on the potential “fear of missing out” if they don’t get the vaccine as they won’t be able to party like everyone else.

Governments must be getting desperate if they have to bribe people to get vaccinated…

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2 months ago

Beware of strangers bearing gifts .

Maria K. Schott
Maria K. Schott
Reply to  Anninmous
2 months ago

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2 months ago

Ignore them and just say NO. It’s actually pathetic the depths to which they are stooping.

2 months ago

Hmm – rather like a trail of smarties leading to the boiler room