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Shocking: French Police Patrol Cafes Asking To See Citizens’ Covid-19 Vaccine Passports

The video footage shows police patrolling cafes and restaurants asking customers to show proof of vaccination.

Footage has emerged out of Paris, France showing police patrolling cafes and bars demanding customers to show proof of their Covid-19 vaccine passports and making sure no one is breaking the law by enjoying “freedom” whilst being unvaccinated.

Reuters reporter Antony Paone tweeted the video stating: “The first checks of Police started as a preventive measure at Paris in cafes and restaurants where the Pass Sanitaire is mandatory as of today. Fines of 135 euros and verbal warnings from next week, up to 9,000 euros in the event of a repeat offense.”

Further footage has been shared online of private security, train employees and business owners checking vaccine passports on citizens’ phones which confirm an individual has been fully vaccinated, had a recent negative test, or natural immunity to the virus.

The vaccine passport has only caused people to stay clear of restaurants, cafes, and any spaces that require a pass for entry.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced last month that citizens’ who do not have a vaccine passport will be banned from gaining entry to restaurants, bars, and even using public transport.

The tyrannical measures were introduced as a way to boost vaccination rates and aim for the worldwide threshold of 70% of the country’s population being vaccinated.

The health passes were first introduced on the 21st July, where vaccine passports were required for places of leisure and culture, however, from August 1st these rules were extended to cafes, restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes, and public transport.

President Macron first announced these rules as he made the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for all healthcare workers, whilst also stating that he has not ruled out making the jabs compulsory for the rest of the French population, adding that “we will probably have to think about the mandatory vaccination of all French citizens at some point.”

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2 months ago

The evil that rules the world is of Biblical proportions .Pagans who are pedophiles cannibals scary monsters ,super freaks . , And it’s history repeating ,burning witches boiling people in oil baking them in ovens roasting them on spits ,frying then in huge pans ,hanging drawing and quartering them.,dragging then over cobblestones behind horses , having them turn apart by horses or a mob ,hacked to bits with garden tools ,all their track record ,their past convictions .

Chris Williams
Chris Williams
2 months ago

Does French law really permit such dictatorial tyranny?

2 months ago

It’s a win-win for the state as it either helps to increase jab uptake or means a small business has to close due to loss of trade. Having closed my business and been out of work for over a year with no state financial support, I can personally speak from experience. However, I still will not have the experimental jab that is killing and injuring millions. I would rather starve. Check out the MHRA yellow card report on GOV.UK. Please don’t be despondent as the truth is coming out and we will defeat the global state’s plans for us. We have to be strong and unite – both vaxxed and unvaxxed – we are all victims.

2 months ago

This is absolutely wrong! Why do they keep pressing for everyone to get this lethal injection? Could there be a population decrease coming due to the jab? And when it happens, and it will happen, it will be world wide. God help us all.

Reply to  Anonymous
2 months ago

I think that is the plan given the way the jab slowly compromises the blood and immune system.

2 months ago

Across the world “our” governments are in lockstep, showing this is the ultimate “conspiracy theory”, but there’s little theoretical about it.

Abbas kassam
Abbas kassam
2 months ago

If we don’t stand up all together against this , we LOSE

2 months ago

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