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From the moment we are born…

Most of humanity has the perception that they know all there is to know. However, in reality it knows nothing. A race which has become limited by the five-sense-perception prison which it has trapped itself in through the majority acquiescing to their own enslavement.

From the moment we are born we are indoctrinated into a system where our only knowledge comes from the agenda set by the state in our schools, the things we read or watch on the mainstream media, or our parents, family, friends etc.

From the moment our parents were born they were indoctrinated into a system where the only knowledge comes from the agenda set by the state in their schools, the things they read or watched in the mainstream media, or their parents, family, friends etc.

From the moment your children were / will be born they were / will be indoctrinated into a system where the only knowledge comes from the agenda set by the state in their schools, the things they read / will read or watched / will watch in the mainstream media or from you, family, friends etc.

So, in essence all we ever know is what the state decide we need to know in school or what the mainstream media decide we need to know. Our only other source of knowledge unless we search for it, is our experience.

But the majority do not search for that knowledge. They accept what they are taught in school, or read in the headlines, or watch on the Six O’clock News as gospel. The man in a suit on the television said it, so it must be true. They accept the official narrative without conducting any of their own research, they question nothing.

Do you honestly believe there is not any more to know that what you are being told?

How naïve.

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3 months ago

Yes. And yet true knowledge and wisdom are all around us and within us if only we look and listen. The still small voice in the storm. Tens of thousands of years of human self-reliance, learning the land, understanding the plants and all the creatures, listening to the wind, watching the skies, passing on wisdom generation to generation, healing, doing the work of restoring the world, seeing suffering and the end of suffering. That is both our heritage and our destiny, if we just sit quietly and pay attention to the breathing and the silence.

3 months ago

clairvoyance aka clear vision comes from not getting stoned or high but from being driug free totally Being organic like our ancestors , or as close as possible to that Free of chemistries contaminants in meat vegetables fruits water and air .And water is the key Staying away from tap water.or bnottled in plastic spring water but filtering our own ,And only using filtered water and stay out of chlorinated pools,No chemicals at all if you can.
and absolutely if you do NOTHING else just dont take sugar in anything .

Last edited 3 months ago by anonymous
3 months ago

All true. We are socially programmed from day one.

Karen Pearson
Karen Pearson
3 months ago

This is so true, so profound. I question all the time and becomes bit of a laughing stock with family and friends because of it. But we are all programmed to view the world through the lens of the state. If only people would open up their minds just for a moment.