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Whilst you clapped for the NHS the elderly and vulnerable were murdered in Care Homes, are you going to let them get away with it?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is an image comparing excess deaths in 2020 by place of occurrence –

What is the above image worth in words to you? What does it tell you? We imagine it tells you that Boris was right in ordering the British people to stay at home at the end of March 2020. We imagine it tells you that maybe he should have ordered them to do so sooner.

We imagine it tells you that hospitals did a fantastic job in saving people but unfortunately Covid-19 was so rampant, and hospitals were so full that they could not save everybody, and therefore so many excess deaths occurred at home and in care homes.

If these are some of the thousand words that the image is worth to you then you could not be more wrong.

In England, the number of deaths registered that occurred in private homes between the 28th December 2019 and 11th September 2020 was 108,842. An increase of nearly 33% compared to the previous five-year average for the same period, coming to a total of 25,472 excess deaths.

But how many of these allegedly ‘involved’ Covid-19? The answer is just 2358.

Care homes recorded a 21% rise in deaths from all causes, with nearly 25,000 more than expected — almost 19,000 of them allegedly due to COVID-19. Excluding the coronavirus, other care home deaths were 5% up on the five-year average.

In hospitals, there were around 258,000 deaths from all causes, 10,000 (4%) more than the five-year average. However, deaths in hospital from causes other than Covid-19 fell by more than 40,000 (16%).

These excess deaths did not occur in care homes, and private homes because hospitals were so overwhelmed. They were never overwhelmed.

In fact, hospitals were so far from overwhelmed that in April 2020, the height of the alleged first wave A&E attendance was down by 57% and occupied long-stay beds were down by 30% compared to the previous year.

Hospitals were so far from overwhelmed that nurses had time to choreograph, rehearse, and then film themselves dancing.

Hospitals were so far from overwhelmed that not one single Nightingale hospital was ever used, in fact they have now been dismantled.

So can NHS chiefs, Chris Whitty, and Matt Hancock tell us why it was NHS policy to refuse to allow care home residents into hospital for treatment?

Can they tell us why GP’s refused to attend care homes?

Can they tell us why they instead ordered the care home residents be put on end-of-life care?

End of life care which involved all current prescribed medications being refused with immediate effect.

End of life care which involved the refusal to treat the care home residents with antibiotics.

End of life care which involved a dangerous amount of midazolam (a drug which causes respiratory distress, especially when administered alongside opioids), being administered to care home residents.

End of life care which involved the care home residents being deprived of food and water, ultimately leading to their death due to starvation and dehydration.

End of life care which was tantamount to murder.

They will never explain the reasoning behind this until they are held to account for doing so. But this is where the problem lies, nobody is holding them to account.

Instead, the public are more concerned at the hypocrisy of the United Kingdom’s new tinpot dictator Matt Hancock breaking social distancing guidelines by having an affair with an aide.

It speaks volumes that the downfall of Matt Hancock could be that he was caught kissing a woman, rather than the fact he oversaw genocidal policies in 2020 which led to the murder of thousands in care homes who you were told died of Covid-19.

Whilst you were clapping for the NHS on a Thursday night as part of a ritual for the new Covid cult in which you’ve made your home, the elderly and vulnerable were murdered in care homes in order to justify the introduction of medical tyranny throughout the United Kingdom.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What are the following images worth in words to you now…

Coronavirus: Almost 30,000 'excess' care homes deaths - BBC News

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3 months ago

They kill people in there Its a form of euthanasia They’ve been doing it for centuries Killing people one way or another And getting away with it ,and they will get away with it because thay are the law .The two hands left and right One head .Centralised control Community values The fraternity .

Last edited 3 months ago by Annonymous
A N Editor
A N Editor
3 months ago

I will happily donate if your journalists will stop using run-on sentences/comma splices. In the title, there should be a semicolon between Homes and ‘are’, not a comma. In this case, though, it would be better if you’d started a new sentence.

A run-on sentence/comma splice is the joining of two clauses with a comma; the correct way is to use a semicolon or a conjunction such as ‘and’, ‘which’, ‘but’, etc, or start another sentence.

(ps, I was joking; I will donate anyway. Thank you for all you do.)