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Fully Vaccinated Detroit Nurse Develops ‘Long-Covid’

Anna Kern
Anna Kern received her first dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in December 2020.

A Detroit nurse has been battling Covid-19 for months after she caught the virus, despite being fully vaccinated.

Anna Kern, 33, a nurse practitioner, was among the first group of healthcare workers in Detroit to receive the first dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in December 2020, and her second shot in early January 2021.

However, in April, Kern became one of the many “breakthrough cases” as she tested positive for Coronavirus. She has since blamed one of her co-workers for making her sick as they were unvaccinated and did not wear a mask.

Since her initial infection, Kern has been struggling with “long-Covid.”

“Long-Covid” is a term often used to describe the condition where symptoms continue to develop even after the initial Coronavirus infection. These “long-haulers” may test negative for the virus despite having symptoms.

Kern said that she started developing symptoms in may, which gradually got worse. She reported that she started experiencing extreme fatigue and a high heart rate.

Anna told INSIDER: “I remember waking up and knowing that I needed to drink some water and maybe eat some food, but being so tired that I was trying to figure out if I could actually do that.”

As a result, Kern had to cut back her work hours and then found it difficult to even go out for a walk. She even recorded her heart rate whilst going about her morning routine, discovering that her heart was beating at around 130 beats per minute whilst eating breakfast, brushing her teeth, and doing the dishes. She said that her heart rate only ever went this high if she was exercising hard.

Soon after this, Kern discovered that she was suffering from a rare and severe form of “long-Covid”, whereby former Covid patients suffer from symptoms post-infection for weeks or even months after.

After being forced to stay off work sick, Kern found out that her position at the hospital had been cut. As a result, she joined a “long-haulers” support group where she discovered lots of other people were experiencing breakthrough infections, including many others who were fully vaccinated.

The support group helped Kern overcome her guilt of catching Covid-19. Her job as a nurse practitioner meant that she had to take many precautions to avoid catching Coronavirus, however, she questions if there was more that she could have done to prevent getting the virus.

Anna said: “Before I went into my apartment, I would, like, take off my clothes and put my scrubs in a bag and take bleach water and rubbing alcohol and wipe down everything that I was bringing inside.

“I wasn’t even taking a coat in April of last year, even though it was kind of chilly, because I didn’t want to have to deal with it afterwards.

“You feel lots of guilt. Like, what did I do wrong? How could I have been more cautious?”

Despite suffering from “long-Covid” and catching the virus after being fully vaccinated, Kern has not questioned whether the Covid vaccines she received in December and January could be responsible for her ongoing illness.

Kern is just one example of many breakthrough cases that have been reported post-Covid-19 injection. Recently, over 350 Indonesian health workers tested positive for Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated. Additionally, 8 fully jabbed crew members on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship tested positive for the virus.

This is another case that shows that the vaccines are completely ineffective at providing immunity to Covid-19 and preventing transmission of the virus and that the jabs cause more harm than good.

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3 months ago

This virus is so sneaky! It waits for people to get vaccinated with the life saving elixir then makes its way into their organism using stealth tactics learned at,”The Academy of Viral Breakthrough and Variation.” And then to teach those people a lesson for trying to protect themselves, the covid19 virus thing doesn’t let them off with normal cold/flu. Instead it afflicts them with lifelong seizures, strokes, heart problems and all kinds of weird stuff never before seen so widespread in previously healthy human beings. Shocking! We need more vaccines and fast!

Reply to  CitizenB
2 months ago

Wild covid isn’t pretty and the vaccine is a bigger Trojan horse. Talk to hospital insiders not built on propaganda and you’ll start hearing the horror stories after vaccines. Their is a rise in blood clots, internal bleeding, PE,dvt,hematoma, worsening dementia, Parkinson’s, MS etc. and the most obvious is the number of strokes post jab. When people go from independent living to nursing home placement it is a life changing event!!! Follow scientists who take you through physiological processes and explanations of how these vaccines work instead of bad journalism based on hysteria and self righteous people who equate themselves with God for getting in line for the jab to protect others. Be pro good science and follow the course of the spike protein jab through the blood brain barrier to the ovaries etc. Not all science is good, nuclear weapons, biowarfare, antibiotic resistant bacterial infections created by man. It is a death sentence for people with medical issues like lung transplants, dementia and even normal people to take a product like this. So much focus on the shot and not understanding and promoting safer options such as ivermectin, vitamin D etc. when becoming ill. The health establishment is doing a disservice to Americans and others, hiding behind the banners posted on their buildings calling themselves heroes, patting themselves on the back only to load their own employees with the government propaganda on the train to Auschwitz with the jab. You have to track days to months out after this product is given as People are having a rise in falls, decline in cognition, being found in their vehicles unconscious likely over a day by a neighbor. That is no way to find your highly independent grandparent!!! Maybe others are doing fine but we have choices to smoke cigarettes or not and I’m not signing myself up for injectable nicotine. In my many years of healthcare I have never seen a worse product and continue to get marketed by media and politicians. Turn your TV off and get high end scientific sources even though they are getting censored for questioning the vaccine. If you believe in looking for good drs for your loved ones then find real scientific discussions from knowledgeable people instead of media hysteria. In April and may the covid hospitalizations seemed to be vaccinated people but if no one asks if they had the jab then they wouldn’t know the truth. (P.s. only public health officials know cause they get sent the shot record and COVID infected list of people’s)The vaccine roll out research is a passive reporting system and people think cause they walked away without collapsing after the shot that they must be ok. If you watch all the drug ads you’ll just think your doom after the jab was already coming for you in life and won’t question any products to even report it. If you believe in the gifts god gave you and so much perfection in the human body, then descent lifestyle choices and maybe a few good man made and natural products may serve you well in life. If you go overboard with product placement from drugs to vaccines the morbidly and mortality is rising exponentially. People are too quick to say they are pro science for trusting in injectables that are protected by the government from litigation and that people against shots are anti Vax when they are pro good science and informed consent and anti propaganda. Have we not learned from the Salem witch trials and Hitler?

3 months ago

” Kern has not questioned whether the Covid vaccines she received in December and January could be responsible for her ongoing illness.”

Natural stupidity will overcome natural immunity……………..

3 months ago

She took all the precautions, but somebody else gave it to her anyway. It’s always somebody else’s fault, isn’t it? So…what’s the point of the vaccine again?

This woman’s hell is just beginning.

3 months ago

The millennium report has some very interesting graphs from around the world showing how deaths from covid increased dramatically following the first jabs .It curious how they pre empted it by saying one jab won’t save you ,isnt it ? And even the ” fully ” vaccinated are still dying too .Course the fact that most of the initial deaths were dying people anyway seems to have been overlooked by the Medicaid mafia An oversight perhaps .

Ralph baric
Ralph baric
1 month ago

It is always easy to blame someone for getting a flu. If the vaccine was 95% effective why so quick to blame a colleague who isn’t taking it because that person must be smart enough to know that none of these drug companies are being honest with their numbers or anything else – when have they ever been but you trust them with your life. Look at the difference between Actual Risk Reduction not the Relative Risk Reduction. These vaccines are just making you sick and an elevated heart rate might be a consequence of the vaccine with the damage from the spike protein or sm-102 in all your microscopic blood vessels.