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8 VACCINATED Crew Members Test Positive for Covid-19 on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Odyssey of the Seas Royal Caribbean
Source: Sea Scanners
The Royal Caribbean cruise ship was supposed to disembark from Port Everglades on July 3rd.

The Odyssey of the Seas, one of Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships, was supposed to leave Port Everglades on July 3rd, however, the cruise has been halted as eight crew members have tested positive for Covid-19.

Although, the crew members who tested positive for Coronavirus had received their first dose of the jab, proving once again that these experimental vaccines do not stop people from transmitting the virus.

In a statement, Michael Bayley, company CEO, said: “During routine testing, eight crew members received a positive test result for Covid-19.

“All 1,400 crew onboard Odyssey of the Seas were vaccinated on June 4th and will be considered fully vaccinated on June 18.”

Out of those who tested positive, six people were classed as asymptomatic and two had mild symptoms. The eight crew members are now under quarantine along with hundreds of other employees, who are all being monitored by a medical team.

The Odyssey of the Seas’ inaugural sailing, which was originally scheduled for July 3rd, is now set for July 31st.

Bayley said: “While disappointing, this is the right decision for the health and well-being of our crew and guests.”

This is not the first instance where vaccinated individuals have caught Covid-19, as just less than a week ago, two guests on the Celebrity Millenium ship – another Royal Caribbean cruise ship – tested positive for Coronavirus despite having received the jab.

On June 10th, the cruise line company said in a statement: “Today two guests sharing a stateroom onboard Celebrity Millennium tested positive for Covid-19 while conducting the required end of cruise testing.

“The individuals are asymptomatic and currently in isolation and being monitored by our medical team.”

Before boarding the ship, passengers had to show a negative Covid-19 test and proof of vaccination 72 hours before it was set to depart on Saturday 12th June.

Celebrity Cruises said in a statement: “Celebrity Millennium is sailing with fully vaccinated crew and guests and following comprehensive protocols that align with our destination partners and exceed CDC guidelines to protect the health and safety of our guests.

“This situation demonstrates that our rigorous health and safety protocols work to protect our crew, guests, and the communities we visit.”

The CDC said that instances where people test positive for Covid-19 after being fully vaccinated – also known as “breakthrough infections – are “rare.” However, these breakthrough infections are not as rare as it seems as vaccinated individuals continue to catch the virus and prove that the experimental vaccine does not prevent transmission of Coronavirus.

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Julio Oliveira
Julio Oliveira
3 months ago

These cases are not rare. Period. I leave my name and email for confirmation if anybody wishes – I can testify that in my own department (self + 2) we were all fully vaccinated in February (Sinopharm) and in May-2021 two of my employees were infected (one transmitted to the other on day-1 of symptoms) and had to be hospitalized; one of them (lady) seriously ill with pneumonia despite no history of health issues (no sick leaves, etc).

2 vaccinated-infected out of 3 fully vaccinated persons – is that considered “rare” statistically? 🙂