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8 Maine Residents Die After Receiving Two Doses of Covid-19 Vaccine

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Source: Yahoo! News
The Maine CDC said they expected “breakthrough cases” after some people are fully vaccinated.

Eight Maine residents have died after being fully vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the Maine Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The eight fatalities included people who were vaccinated while receiving end-of-life care.

Individuals who catch coronavirus 14 days post-final vaccination are considered “breakthrough cases.” As of June 4th, the state of Maine had reported 387 such cases, and the CDC has stated that they have expected a small percentage of fully vaccinated people who will get sick, be hospitalised, or die from Covid-19, and the eight Mainers joined this figure.

A spokesperson from Maine’s CDC said that the eight people’s deaths “met the criteria to be Covid-19 related after fully vaccinated”, but noted that these individuals “died with Covid-19, not ‘of Covid-19.'”

Arthur Mitchell was among one of the eight Maine residents who died post-vaccination. His daughter, Margaret Staggs, said that her father got his second dose of the Moderna vaccine on March 8th and was “very excited about that.”

Source: WGME
Arthur Mitchell, pictured left, died just weeks after his second dose of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine.

She said that the entire family had realised once the family had been fully vaccinated after a year of restrictions, however, just four weeks later Staggs, her husband, and her father tested positive for Covid-19.

“We were one of those small majority that become positive afterwards,” Staggs said.

Her father had to be hospitalised as his oxygen levels were low, and despite being place on a ventilator for four days, his condition did not improve. On May 6th, hospital staff allowed Staggs to be by her father’s side as he passed away.

Staggs said: “My dad was a fighter. It was really hard to realise that he was going to lose that battle.”

Despite working as a nurse, Staggs recognised that the vaccine’s benefits are “never 100 percent.” She said: “Just remember that not everybody is going to go back to the normal that they knew before because it’s affected too many people.”

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3 months ago

More victims of the social programming being employed to get people to line up the the eugenics-by-vaxx program.

3 months ago

And if they had been given HCQ or IVERMECTIN treatment would they have still died ? or are we still, more than a year on, murdering people

3 months ago

I overheard a conversation yesterday. A woman walking her dog was saying to a man that she had an old friend who lost her husband lately. And then she mentioned two more old people who’d died lately on the same street! The town has been double vaccinating all pensioners here lately.

Is it the same where you live?