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The Liverpool Care Pathway – #WeNeedToTalkAboutMidazolam

Midazolam. It should be the word that is on everyone’s lips. If it isn’t we can assure you it will be by the time we’ve finished exposing one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever committed. We have the evidence midazolam may have been used to prematurely end the lives of thousands upon thousands of people in the United Kingdom, who you were told died due to Covid-19. But there is also evidence emerging this hasn’t just happened in the United Kingdom, it is in fact a world-wide issue.

But before we can reveal the evidence we need you to understand what midazolam is. Which is why we released our article ‘We need to talk about midazolam…’ on the 3rd June, and that’s why today we want to talk to you about the Liverpool Care Pathway…

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The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) was a scheme that we’re told intended to improve the quality of care in the final hours or days of a patient’s life. It’s alleged aim was to ensure a peaceful and comfortable death. The LCP was a guide to doctors, nurses and other health workers looking after someone who was dying on issues such as the appropriate time to remove tubes providing food and fluid, or when to stop medication.

The LCP was developed during the late 1990’s at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, in conjunction with the Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute. Palliative care is medical treatment designed to make people with terminal illness feel as comfortable as possible – both physically and emotionally. It can be used to relieve symptoms but not cure a condition.

The LCP involved reviews of –

  • whether any further medications and tests (such as taking the patient’s temperature or blood pressure) would be helpful
  • how to keep the patient as comfortable as possible, for example, by adjusting their position in bed or providing regular mouth care (some illnesses or treatments can cause over- or underproduction of saliva)
  • whether artificial fluids should be given, when a patient has stopped being able to eat or drink
  • the patient’s spiritual or religious needs


In 2013 an independent review was carried out by Baroness Neuberger, who recommended discontinuation of the Liverpool Care Pathway. Why was there a review? Because it was applied to patients without their families’ knowledge and when they still had a chance of recovery. Doctors in the NHS were withdrawing treatment, heavily sedating the patient, and removing the tubes which provided food and fluid in the last 24 hours of their life.

The Review and the media highlighted examples of extremely poor practice. Many cases revealed ineffective or absent communication between healthcare professionals and patients or relatives, resulting in appalling care when this happened. Even though the LCP repeatedly emphasised the importance of clear and open communication with the patient and family and within the multidisciplinary team.

Particular concern was raised in the Review about reports of patients being denied oral fluids, contrary to the legal requirement to provide basic care:

‘The offer of food and drink by mouth … must always be offered to patients who are able to swallow without serious risk of choking or aspiration.’4.

In fact, the LCP guidance was explicit that:

‘… the patient should be supported to take food and fluid by mouth for as long as tolerated.’6

The Review also identified reports of withdrawal of nutrition and hydration by drip or tube, without explanation or consultation. 

According to newspaper reports, several families complained about use of the care pathway. Some relatives claimed that their loved ones were put on the pathway without their consent and some said it hastened death in relatives who were not dying imminently.

The review also found that use of the pathway was being encouraged for financial reasons, linked to targets. Almost two-thirds of NHS trusts using the LCP received “payouts” totaling millions of pounds for hitting targets related to its use.

There review also found examples of people who “survived” the Liverpool Care Pathway. A Daily Mail article described how Doctors at a hospital had removed all feeding tubes and drips and placed an 82-year-old grandmother on the Liverpool Care Pathway. Her children and grandchildren were told to say their last goodbyes.

But they said no. And after they defied hospital orders and gave Mrs Greenwood drops of water, her family helped her make a remarkable recovery.

The Liverpool Care Pathway was discontinued in 2014 following mounting criticism and a national review. Or so we are told.

One of the drugs of choice given to heavily sedate the patient and give them a “good death” was a drug called Midazolam.

Midazolam should be used with extreme caution in patients who have chronic renal failure, impaired hepatic function, or impaired cardiac function. It should also be used with extreme caution in obese patients, or elderly patients.

  • Midazolam induces significant depression of respiration.
  • UK regulators insist midazolam should only be administered in a hospital or doctor’s office under the supervision of a doctor or nurse to monitor the breathing of the patient in order to provide life saving treatment to the patient if breathing slows or stops.
  • Midazolam should be used with extreme caution in elderly patients.

Covid-19 is an alleged disease which can severely affect the respiratory system. Midazolam is a drug that severely suppresses the respiratory system.

Considering all of the above, how do you feel now that we’ve told you we have the evidence to show midazolam may have been used to prematurely end the lives of thousands upon thousands of people, and you were told that they died of Covid-19?

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3 months ago

This looks pretty revelatory! I hope you have watertight evidence. Well done for researching.

3 months ago

What evidence then?

3 months ago

While I respect the researchers’ expertise in the matter, at this point I will have to disagree with a.o. David Icke on the role of this drug in the pandemic. For two good reasons:

  1. Mr. Icke refers to the elderly as having been the prime target during the first wave, which would prove the role of midazolam vs any other cause (such as a slightly more severe virus than the flu, possibly one created and weaponized and meant to provoke vaccine production that enables the virus to become the carrier for the real killer, the spike protein itself). However, when we look at (official) excess mortality data, ALL age groups have shown a significant spike during the first wave of the pandemic in the UK during early 2020. While it is true that the elderly were heavier hit (above age 75 showed a peak as high as 100% excess mortality vs the previous 5 years), the age group 15-64 also showed a significant spike that peaked at 65% excess mortality for the same period as the other age groups. This period of 2 months surely cannot be a pure coincidence. It cannot be blamed on vaccines either, as those did not exist at that point yet. Mistreatment by midazolam can hardly be attributed to hospital use for the younger patients, unless the condition of a younger patient reached critical levels. Of course there is always a chance of manipulation of official death toll (irrespective of cause of death) but to do that globally is basically impossible without being found out.
  2. There is no consistency with other countries globally. Many European countries showed the same peaks during Spring 2020 and I strongly doubt there was a globally concerted cooperation on the use of midazolam that could have led to similar mortality patterns. Same applies for the need of a concerted manipulation of official deathtoll in all countries in the world, which seems quite a wild thought, even among all the absurdities of data manipulation.

In general I do not buy into the total denial of a possible virus that could have been heavier than a flu. By making such an assumption, it is assumed that there is no such Gain of Function development taking place in Wuhan and China had no involvement in the start of this plandemic. At this point, I do not think that the concept of an escaped virus is more absurd than global mortality data manipulation. Occum’s razor pretty much favors the escaped/released virus narrative.
No matter the severity of this pandemic (and clearly the virus is wildly exaggerated and is an excuse for many plans depriving us from our liberties, the rollout of unknown and dangerous vaccines and worse to come), downplaying excess mortality plays into the cards of those that see no middle way between the political narrative and “conspiracy theories”. This is a step that many of us on this side of the Matrix are not even willing to make.

David James
David James
Reply to  Peka
3 months ago

Hydroxychloroquine overdosing is what killed thousands back in Spring 2020. The Recovery Trial, REMAP-CAP Trial and the WHO’s Solidarity Trial all used the same lethal dose (2,400mg in the first 24hrs). The maximum per day is usually 800mg. It’s highly likely medical staff were following the same protocols outside of the trials in hospitals as well (perhaps even on Boris Johnson himself).

The first “Official” death from COVID-19 in Britain was in January. The virus had almost certainly entered the UK in December 2019, if not earlier. There were no excess deaths in January or February nor throughout most of March. This virus was said to be more transmissible and more lethal than the flu.

John Ioannidis in an interview with Vinay Prasad confirmed that the virus has a global IFR of 0.12 – 0.15. In that same interview he spoke of the mistakes made in the “First Wave” stating that “Probably we killed 100,000 people with hydroxychloroquine, globally”.

The overrepresentation of black people in the UK’s COVID-19 death statistics is probably explained by this because hydroxychloroquine is a more dangerous drug for people with G6PD deficiency (common in Sub-Saharan Africans). Wolfgang Wodarg has written about this on his website in the “Medical Detectives” section.

The Recovery Trial enrolled its first patient on March 20th. On April 1st Chris Whitty and the Chief Medical Officers of Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland along with National Medical Director Stephen Powis sent a message to NHS colleagues asking them to make every effort to enrol more patients into these trials. COVID-19 deaths peaked in the UK on April 8th.

3 months ago

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chris longmuir
chris longmuir
3 months ago

Wow 🤬

3 months ago

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3 months ago

[…] Learn extra: The Liverpool Care Pathway – #WeNeedToTalkAboutMidazolam […]

3 months ago

Medical murder .And they say its healthcare ” always the same ,always the opposite ”
But people are terrorised into compliance and too proud to admit Proud and afraid of underhanded sneaky evil devious paybacks from the ” goodies ” .Terrorised, and for centuries by the secretive ” rule of law” .

3 months ago

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3 months ago

[…] was decided in 2013 after a review that the ‘Liverpool Care Pathway‘ was to be abolished. The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) was a scheme that we’re told intended […]

2 months ago

[…] was decided in 2013 after a review that the ‘Liverpool Care Pathway‘ was to be abolished. The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) was a scheme that we’re told […]

2 months ago

[…] was decided in 2013 after a review that the ‘Liverpool Care Pathway‘ was to be abolished. The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) was a scheme that we’re told […]