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West Virginia Offering Young People $100 Savings Bonds to get Vaccinated

Whilst some states and institutions are getting creative with finding ways to encourage residents to get vaccinated, West Virginia is opting for bribery to coerce the public.

The state of Virginia is so desperate to get young people to take the vaccine that they are offering to pay those who roll up their sleeves and submit.

Governor Jim Justice said on the week of April 27th that they will start offering $100 savings bonds to vaccinated West Virginians between the ages of 16 and 35.

Jim Justice said: “Our kids today don’t really probably realize just how important they are in shutting this thing down.”

The state is planning to use funds from the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) to pay for it, and those who have already been vaccinated will also be eligible, meaning that the incentive could apply to an estimated 380,000, according to the state.

Governor Jim Justice said that the idea had been vetted “very way we possibly can” to ensure that the plan is feasible.

According to the governor, the potential cost of offering the jab incentive to the hesitant is allegedly significantly lower than the $75 million spent by the state on COVID testing.

However, Jim Justice understands that not everyone will agree with his approach as he told The Seattle Times: “But if I’m able to pull this off and we are able to shut this down for the small price of $27.5 million … I would tell those critics to kiss my butt.”

Of the nearly 1.5 million West Virginians eligible for the vaccine, 52% have received at least one dose. Although, in recent weeks fewer people are booking vaccine appointments and are more hesitant of the jab, leaving the state short of its goal of immunising more than 70% of residents.

“If we really want to move the needle, we’ve got to get our younger people vaccinated,” Justice said.

“If we can get to 70%, we’ll shut this virus down,” he added. “If we do that, the masks go away, the hospitalizations go away, and the deaths become minimal.”

A spokesperson for the governor said that they are still figuring out the details of the $100 savings bond plan, including when young people can expect the money.

This is not the only instance where an institution has offered incentives or coerced the public into getting the vaccine, as Connecticut’s governor, Ned Lamount, advertised a two-week program where adults can get a free drink at selected restaurants if they showed their vaccination card. The partnership with the Connecticut Restaurant Association is due to start May 19th to coincide with the lifting of restrictions on businesses across the state.

Other institutions have been offering freebies to encourage the public to get the experimental shot, including Krispy Kreme, who are offering a free doughnut every day for a year if you show your vaccination card – Now you can munch on sugary poison whilst getting injected WITH poison!

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