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Why are people going blind after having the Covid Vaccine?

Since the first Covid-19 vaccine was authorised for use in the United Kingdom, and administered on the 8th December 2020, there have been hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme. But there is one particular adverse reaction which is both concerning and strange, and the number of people suffering from it is increasing by the week – Blindness.

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The MHRA Yellow Card scheme analysis print for the Pfizer / BioNTech mRNA jab shows that since the first jab was administered on the 9th December and up to the 28th April, thirty-three people have reported suffering blindness due to the jab. Another two people have reported central vision loss, and a further two have reported sudden visual loss.

Five people have also reported an adverse reaction known as ‘blindness transient’ due to the Pfizer vaccine. This is where a person suffers visual disturbance or loss of sight in one eye for seconds or minutes at a time. And a further six people have reported an adverse reaction known as ‘unilateral blindness’. This is where a person is blind or has extremely poor vision in one eye.

However the MHRA Yellow Card scheme analysis print for the AstraZeneca viral vector vaccine shows that recipients are at a significantly higher risk of suffering loss of vision after having the jab compared to having the Pfizer jab. Since the first AstraZeneca jab was administered on the 4th January 2021 and up to the 28th April 2021 a total of one-hundred-forty-three people have reported suffering blindness due to the jab. Another four-hundred-seventeen people have reported visual impairment, and a further three have reported sudden visual loss.

Ten people have also reported suffering transient blindness as a result of having the AstraZeneca jab, and a further thirteen have reported suffering unilateral blindness as a result of the same jab.

In all there have been 11,279 eye disorders reported as adverse reactions to both jabs, with 2,438 reported due to the Pfizer jab, and a frightening 8,841 reported due to the AstraZeneca jab. The fact-checkers alongside authorities have recently been on the case to sweep this data under the carpet and have called it unreliable. Their reasoning is that “just because someone reports the event after having the vaccine, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is due to the vaccine”.

But what they’re not telling you is that it also doesn’t necessarily mean it is not due to the vaccine, and we imagine every single person who has reported an adverse reaction would disagree with the fact checkers and authorities attempts to play down these reports. For instance one person who goes by the name of Louis has been documenting the story of his wife on Twitter since she had the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine.

Unfortunately his wife has gone completely blind in her left eye and 30-60% blind in her right eye since she had the AstraZeneca jab and the neurologist treating her has categorically told her not have the second dose. Louis states that as of the 8th May 2021 it has been 59 days since his wife had the AstraZeneca vaccine, 55 days since she went blind, 19 days since she started steroid treatment and unfortunately has seen zero improvement. In that time she has had 2 CT scans and 1 MRI. She has also seen 3 ophthalmologists, 2 opticians and had dozens of blood tests.

As you can see the misery which the fact checkers are disregarding as “not necessarily the fault of the vaccine” is very real for the people who are reporting them. But why are the Covid vaccines causing people to go blind?

Well there is another extremely concerning adverse reaction that has been reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme, one which has seen an astronomical increase in the number of reports in the past few weeks – stroke.

As of the 28th April 2021 the MHRA has received two-hundred-ninety-seven reports of stroke due to the Pfizer vaccine. This includes twenty-one reports of cerebral haemorrhage, 16 reports of cerebral infarction, twenty-five reports of ischaemic stroke, and a frightening 192 reports of cerebrovascular accident. Sadly this has resulted in twenty-seven deaths.

But yet again the AstraZeneca jab has caused far more misery in terms of causing a stroke compared to the Pfizer jab. As of the 28th April 2021 the MHRA Yellow Card scheme has received one-thousand-eighty-eight reports of stroke, this is almost four times the amount of reports received due to the Pfizer jab. These include eleven cerebral haematomas, forty-six cerebral infarctions, one-hundred-seven cerebral haemorrhages, and a terrifying six-hundred-seven cerebrovascular accidents.

But it doesn’t end there. The AstraZeneca jab has also caused fifteen cases of lacunar stroke, fifty-nine cases of sbarachnoid haemorrhage, and seventy-four cases of ischaemic stroke. Sadly this has resulted in eighty-five deaths.

But what does this have to do with people going blind? Well this helpful fact sheet provided by the Stroke Foundation in Australia provides the answer as to why. According to the fact sheet around one-third of stroke survivors suffer visual loss, and most sadly never fully recover their vision.

The reason strokes cause blindness is that vision depends on a healthy eye to receive information and a healthy brain to process that information. The nerves in the eye travel from the eye through the brain to the occipital cortex at the back of the brain, allowing you to see.

Most strokes affect one side of the brain. Nerves from each eye travel together in the brain, so both eyes are affected. If the right side of your brain is damaged, the left side vision in each eye may be affected. It is rare for both sides of the brain to be affected by stroke. When it does happen, it can result in blindness.

So if you’ve been wondering how on earth the experimental Covid vaccines could cause a person to go blind, you now know why. It’s the vast amount of strokes the Covid jabs are causing that is contributing to this devastating and life-changing adverse event. Strokes will not be the only contributing factor of course, but the numbers shows us they are most likely the main adverse reaction at fault.

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4 months ago

It makes me wonder about flu jabs too.

4 months ago

This might explain the reactions to the jabs, including blindness.

‘Critically, all four covid vaccine brands currently in widespread use either inject patients with the spike protein or, via mRNA technology, instruct the patient’s own body to manufacture spike proteins and release them into their own blood.

This floods the patient’s body with the very spike protein that the Salk Institute has now identified as the smoking gun cause of vascular damage and related events (such as blood clots, which are killing many people who take the vaccines).’

For those who have been jabbed or those considering it… Good luck. | The Radio Patriot

4 months ago

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4 months ago

It’s really sad. They want to repeat these poisonous vaccines frequently too. So many people in Britain have had it with a smile and can’t wait for their booster.

4 months ago

To be fair, you’d have to be blind to allow yourself to be coerced in to taking it in the first place..

Rita Richardson
Rita Richardson
4 months ago

You are saying vaccine. In fact it is not. It is an experimental gene therapy. On the Gov web site it says experimental until 2023 ! People need to find this information for themselves and start saying No. We are being lied to.

Christopher Oakley
Christopher Oakley
4 months ago

I’ve had the vaccine. It has affected my vision. I keep seeing arseholes spouting geysers of bullshit everywhere.