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Care home resident forcibly restrained by Carers and vaccinated against her will with experimental Covid jab

A woman in her 50’s was recently forcibly pinned down by three care home staff , whilst a fourth order a nurse inject her with the experimental Coronavirus vaccine.

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The incident took place at Millport Care Centre on the Isle of Cumbrae in Scotland, with two of the staff since being suspended from their roles. The home houses around twenty-seven adults with learning difficulties.

The Care Inspectorate has been made aware of the incident but has only told the company which owns the care home that “it must improve”.

A spokeswoman for the watchdog said: “We are aware of concerns raised. We recently inspected the service and issued an improvement notice on April 2 that details areas of care that need to improve.

“We continue to monitor the service and are liaising closely with the local health and social care partnership.”

A spokesperson for Sanctuary Care said: “While we are ­disappointed at this news and sorry the care has fallen short of the standards we expect, we have taken immediate action to address some of the concerns and are working closely with North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership and the Care ­Inspectorate to make ­improvements to the quality of care.

“We remain committed to ­delivering a service that is centred on our residents’ wellbeing and happiness, and can reassure their families that our staff are working to ensure everyone at the home receives the high standard of care they deserve.”

NHS Ayrshire & Arran, for whom the nurse is believed to work, would only say the nurse did not work for the local hospital on the island, adding: “It would be ­inappropriate for us to comment any further at this time.”

One of the staff who works at Millport Care Centre said “It is horrendous what is going on just now, the door was open so people walking past saw what was going on. The nurse said she wasn’t comfortable injecting her like that but she was told ‘Just hurry up and do it’. I think she was a bit intimidated”

The Care Inspectorate warned that unless there is marked improvement at Millport Care Centre it will cancel the home’s registration.

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Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
5 months ago

The problem with care homes is that what applies to one resident, applies to them all and if the decision to give every resident the test vaccine is approved by management, then every resident is going to get the test vaccine, for the greater good of the old age facility, whether the residents approve of the test vaccine or not.
A senior we know of was given both test vaccine shots, she is a frail old lady at 94 and she was not asked about the shots, but was given them, without being told what they were for.
It really depends on the management and what they think is the safest path for them to take.
Most care facilities are understaffed and they don’t have the capacity to look after residents who get Covid, or isolate parts of the complex to accommodate individuals with a disease, which could have a flow on effect to all other residents and staff, because the statistics of how many get both shots and still get Covid has not been clarified and you can’t rely on statistics for anything, because they are a set of numbers, to sell a product, not for the greater good of the consumers, as after effects of Covid are starting to show.
Although I am an anti vaxxer, I do see the problem that nursing homes have for residents and I guess, if a resident does not want to be in a nursing home, there are not that many places available and what applies to one nursing home, will apply to all.
When you get old and can’t look after yourself and need care, you pretty much give up your rights to the policies of the management and what they deem is suitable for you, for them and that is the way it has to be.

When you hear of politicians being “lobbied” for something, by say, pharmaceutical companies, they are not waving papers in the air, trying to sell an idea of why their product is better than someone else’s – the politicians are being bribed with eye watering amounts of money – because “lobbying” = “Bribing”, which begs the question, if we elect a particular party to rule over us and the ministers get paid from the public purse, who then is the employer of the politician, the voters or the pharmaceutical company which pays them huge brides to pass Laws and Legislation to give pharmaceutical companies the upper hand and who makes those decisions, for our our politicians and what happens to “all” of those bribes and are the bribes accountable and can be seen in the budget and where all of the money comes from – or not?

For example bribes paid for the big 4 to distribute the test vaccines into the arms of as many as can be vaccinated and why the politicians are so in favor of that happening, bearing in mind that test vaccines are for Covid-19 and that was superseded with variants and is now obsolete, yet the Covid-19 Test Vaccine still is being used for vaccination and rumor has it that, later variants are much more savage, on people who have been given Covid-19 test vaccines?