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SHOCKING – UK Gov. release 11th report on Adverse Reactions to the Covid Vaccines which include Miscarriage, Stroke and Death

The UK Government have released their 11th report on adverse reactions to the Covid-19 “vaccines” reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme using data inputted from the 9th December 2020 up to the 5th April 2021. With it came the announcement that they are now 100% confident that the Covid “vaccines” are safe for use in pregnant women. This is an extremely dangerous announcement based on no scientific evidence, with evidence to the contrary as we’ll reveal in our analysis of the 11th report.

Up to the 5th April the UK Government and MHRA claim an estimated 11 million first doses of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine and 20.6 million first doses of the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine had been administered. They also claim around 4.4 million second doses of the Pfizer jab had been administered and 1 million second doses of the Oxford University / AstraZeneca jab had been administered. This represents an increase of 1.2 million first doses and 1.8 million second doses on the previous week.

The current rate according to the UK Government and MHRA of people suffering an adverse reaction to one of the jabs stands at 1 in every 166 people. However it is thought around only 1% of people actually report an adverse reaction to the Yellow Card scheme so the rate is most likely significantly higher. (You can report an adverse reaction to the Covid gene therapy jabs here)

What we’re about to reveal from the data shown in the 11th report is astounding, disturbing and extremely concerning. This is what we found…

(We used the data shown in the UK Governments Analysis Print of the Pfizer vaccine {which you can find here} + Analysis Print of the Oxford Vaccine {which you can find here}.)

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You will have now heard of the blood clot events associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine leading several countries to suspend it’s use and the UK to now announce that “a different vaccine should be offered” to those aged under 30. You may have also heard of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine causing the same problem in the USA? Well that’s because they are the same vaccine – the only difference between them is that the aborted foetus cell used in the AstraZeneca jab is around 10 years older than the one used in the Johnson & Johnson jab. This raises the question of why the Johnson & Johnson jab supposedly works as a single dose but the AstraZeneca jab only works as a double dose, because they are the same – but that’s a story for another day.

This is the latest statement contained withinin the MHRA’s summary of the 11th report on adverse reactions to the Covid “vaccines” –

Up to 5 April 2021, the MHRA had received Yellow Card reports of 100 cases of major thromboembolic events (blood clots) with concurrent thrombocytopenia (low platelet counts) in the UK following vaccination with COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca. These events occurred in 61 women and 39 men aged from 18 to 85 years and the overall case fatality rate was 22% with 22 deaths.

Of these, 99 reports were associated with the first dose of the vaccine and a single report followed a second dose, although this individual had medical conditions that could have caused the events. Fifty individuals had cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (average age 46 years) and 50 had other major thromboembolic events (average age 52 years) with concurrent thrombocytopenia.

So the average age of the person suffering from these events is 52, but the MHRA are only advising that those under 30 should be offered the option of a different “vaccine”. This doesn’t make sense.

But whilst the AstraZeneca jab is getting terrible press, nobody is talking about the serious adverse reactions that have occurred due to the Pfizer jab. Now when we look at the numbers they do show that the AstraZeneca jab is an extremely serious cause for concern, but that doesn’t mean the Pfizer jab should be let off the hook.

For instance due to the Pfizer mRNA jab there have been 3,484 reports of Lymphadenopathy. This is a condition that results in a terrible skin rash, unexplained weight loss, an enlarged spleen (the organ that filters the blood) and fever and night sweats. Doesn’t this sound worse than the alleged disease it is supposed to protect against?

There have also been cases of thrombocytopenia occurring due to the Pfizer jab, not as many as have occurred due to the AstraZeneca jab but they are still occurring. There have been 27 cases of immune thrombocytopenia, and 34 cases of thrombocytopenia resulting in 1 death. But all in all there have been 4210 blood disorders reported as adverse reactions to the Pfizer jab, this is significantly more than what have occurred due to AstraZeneca, especially considering the fact there have been 6 million more doses of the AstraZeneca jab administered.

There have been 79 cases of immune thrombocytopenia due to the AstraZeneca jab resulting in 1 death, and 173 cases of thrombocytopenia resulting in 2 deaths. In all the AstraZeneca jabs have caused a total of 3681 blood disorders.

Next up is cardiac disorders, of which the Pfizer jab has caused 1675 resulting in 46 deaths. 22 of these deaths occurred due to the 50 cases of cardiac arrest reported as adverse reactions to the Pfizer jab. But there is also another condition with concerning numbers – Tachycardia.

Tachycardia is an extremely high heart rate that occurs without explanation. This the NHS advice on tachycardia –

Call your doctor if you experience unexplained tachycardia, not the normal increase in heart rate after exercise. This is especially important if you also have palpitations, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting spells, fatigue, breathlessness or chest pain.

There have been 393 cases of tachycardia reported to the MHRA due to the Pfizer jab as of the 5th April 2021.

But there have also been 882 cases of tachycardia reported to the MHRA as adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca jab. As well as 75 cases of cardiac arrest resulting in 18 deaths. All in all there have been 4867 cardiac disorders reported to the MHRA as adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca jab as of the 5th April 2021, this has sadly resulted in 64 deaths.

The next adverse reaction is a little strange when taken out of context, but it isn’t so strange when you look at the numbers of brain haemorrhages to have occurred due to both jabs. As the next two adverse reactions we are about to list can result as complications of these haemorrhages occurring – Deafness and Blindness.

There have been 50 reports of people going deaf as a result of the Pfizer / BioNTech mRNA gene therapy.

And 119 reports of people going deaf as a result of the AstraZeneca jab.

But there have also been 24 reports of people going blind, and 1 report of sudden visual loss due to the Pfizer “vaccine”.

As well as 88 reports of of people going blind due to the AstraZeneca jabs and 3 reports of sudden visual loss. Can you imagine naively obeying the UK Governments ridiculous laws for the past year and not seeing your grandchild because they said “it’s not safe”? Then falling for the coercion to take an experimental jab to protect you against an alleged disease which statistically kills just 0.2% of those it infects, and ending up not being able to see your grand child’s face or anything else ever again? Imagine it, because this has happened and is happening to people.

Next we come to a concerning reaction to the Pfizer jab. There have been 2049 reported cases of people suffering diarrhoea as result of having the mRNA gene therapy. Concerning because 4 of these cases have resulted in the person dying.

The authorities are constantly attempting to downplay the adverse reactions to the jabs, claiming that it is hard to prove that the jab is to blame – so therefore they’re not blaming it. But how can they deny that someone suddenly dying straight after having one of the Covid jabs is the fault of the Covid jabs. Because this has been happening.

There have been 18 reports made to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme up to the 5th April 2021 of sudden death occurring after receiving the Pfizer jab. There have also been 105 reports of death and 1 report of clinical death.

There have also been 20 reports of people suddenly dying after having the AstraZeneca viral vector jab. As well as 187 reports of death, 4 reports of brain death and 1 report of drowning. The denialists will claim that drowning can’t possibly be listed as an adverse reaction to a vaccine. But of course it can if it has caused the person to go into seizure, or pass out whilst they are swimming or taking a bath.

The next adverse reaction goes someway to explaining why we’re seeing reports of people going deaf and blind. It is an extremely concerning adverse reaction with the numbers increasing week on week at a significant rate. It also explains why there has been a significant increase in the number of adverts on the television and radio due to the condition – Strokes.

The Pfizer jab has caused several different types of stroke both due to blood clots and burst arteries. The most common being a cerebrovascular accident which has sadly resulted in 6th deaths as of the 5th April 2020. There have also been 15 reported cases of cerebral haemorrhages due to the Pfizer jab which have resulted in 5 deaths, and 20 reported cases of ischaemic stroke which have resulted in 1 death.

The AstraZeneca jab unfortunately fares much worse in this department, but that does not mean the Pfizer jab should be let off the hook.

Dozens of different types of stroke have occurred due to the AstraZeneca jab, with many of these only being reported in the last 7 days as they were not included in the UK Governments 10th report which used data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme up to the 28th March 2021.

There have been 59 reported cases of cerebral haemmorrhage due to the AstraZeneca jab, sadly resulting 21 deaths. As well as 13 cases of cerebral thrombosis resulting in 4 deaths. But the highest amount of strokes to occur is a cerebrovascaular accident which has resulted in 20 deaths.

The Pfizer jab has also caused 291 people suffer facial paralysis, this is a higher number than what has been seen due to the AstraZeneca jab which is concerning considering 6 million less doses of the Pfizer jab have been administered in the UK.

There have been 266 reports of facial paralysis made to the MHRA concerning the AstraZeneca vaccine as of the 5th April 2021.

The Pfizer mRNA jab has caused 168 people to go into seizure, luckily this hasn’t resulted in any deaths.

Unfortunately the AstraZeneca jab has caused 2deaths out of the 613 seizures that have been reported as adverse reactions to it to the MHRA.

In all 314 people have now sadly died due to the Pfizer/BioNTech “vaccine”, 521 have sadly died due to the Oxford University/AstraZeneca “vaccine” and 12 have sadly died where the brand of vaccine was unspecified. This means 847 people have now sadly died as a result of having one of the experimental Covid “vaccines”. But don’t forget this number is likely frighteningly higher due to only 1% of adverse reactions actually being reported.

Finally we felt the need to cover the number of reported miscarriages to the MHRA as adverse reactions to the Covid “vaccines” as of the 5th April, in light of the authorities announcement that the Covid jabs are now considered 100% safe for pregnant women.

This was the UK Governments advice at the beginning of the Covid “vaccine” roll-out –

There are no or limited amount of data from the use of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2.
Animal reproductive toxicity studies have not been completed. COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine
BNT162b2 is not recommended during pregnancy.

For women of childbearing age, pregnancy should be excluded before vaccination. In addition, women
of childbearing age should be advised to avoid pregnancy for at least 2 months after their second dose.
It is unknown whether COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 is excreted in human milk. A risk to
the newborns/infants cannot be excluded. COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 should not be used
during breast-feeding.
It is unknown whether COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 has an impact on fertility.’

Bear that in mind when we reveal the number of miscarriages as this advice means that not very many pregnant women will have had a dose of the experimental gene therapy.

This is the first line of a statement released  Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) – 

“There have been no specific safety concerns identified with any brand of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines in relation to pregnancy.”

This is what Matt Hancock, the UK Health Secretary wrote on Twitter after the announcement – 

“I encourage all pregnant women when they are called to get this jab.”

This is the number of miscarriages reported as adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca jab as of the 5th April 2021 –

This is the number of miscarriages reported as adverse reactions to the Pfizer jab as of the 5th April 2021 –

19 have occurred due to the AstraZeneca jab, yet miscarriages to have occurred due to the Pfizer jab is more than double the amount standing at 42. Considering the fact 6 million more doses of the AstraZeneca jab have been administered as of the 5th April 2021, and the fact pregnant women should not have been having the “vaccine” at this time these numbers are extremely concerning. There has also been 1 report of foetal death and 1 report of stillbirth due to the Pfizer jab.

What the JCVI and Matt Hancock have publicly announced is criminal. It is extremely important that the general public, especially pregnant women are made aware of this information.

So if you do one thing this week, please let that thing be sharing this article on every social media platform available to yourself at every opportunity.

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5 months ago

Why is it people receiving the shots are not being told about the ‘yellow card’ reporting system? The adverse effects are not even being recorded. Everyone Ive spoken to has told me they werent told when they received the jab & they werent told by their GP or anyone.

5 months ago

Thank you for this information. It is very disturbing. Just one thing, based on what I have read (I have no credentials in this area so I may well be wrong) there are differences between the AZ and JJ vaccines. They both use an adenovirus as the vector, but one uses a human adenovirus (J&J) and the other uses a tweaked chimpanzee adenovirus (AZ).

5 months ago

Thank you for reporting the deaths and injruies from their deadly non-vaccines, but simpler is better, please gives the total death numbers vs adverse reaction numbers…

Then people will see that mRNA gene therapies (which aren’t vaccines) are the biggest killers!

my 2 cts

5 months ago

[…] Luckily for you we provide a weekly analysis of adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme, which means you can now find out exactly what possible adverse reactions to expect if you do decide to have the experimental Covid-19 “vaccine”. You can find our most recent analysis here. […]

4 months ago

Received my 1st letter from the NHS this morning telling me to book the vax. Have half a mind to write a scathing letter back to them and state that I will NOT be having the vaccine & if i receive any more letters or calls regarding this matter then I will sue them for coercion.

4 months ago

I did send you some etherium yesterday, wasn’t a lot but was all i had. Every month or so i do get some monero, so if you could add a monero wallet address to donate to that would be great.

4 months ago

[…] For those who believe that the vaccine is completely safe and has been introduced for the people, take a moment to question why these big tech platforms are going to extreme lengths to censor the victims of coronavirus vaccine adverse reactions. […]