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Dr Vernon Coleman – “This is my last video, thank you and goodbye”

Dr Vernon Coleman has released what he says will be his final video due to recent attacks on him by people who allegedly state they are on the same side.

Dr Coleman states he has been attacked on Twitter by someone he refuses to name and states how outraged he is to be labelled a freemason.

Well we can confirm that person was Fiona Maria Flanagan and the suspected tweet can be found here.

Dr Vernon states that he and his wife feel alone now that they have been subject to abuse from those within “the resistance” and that it is the final straw. You can watch his final video below…

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6 months ago

How horrible people can be who say they are on the same team? I love hearing Dr Vernon’s videos. Who would be so heartless and cruel to attack a elderly man who is trying to help us? Only a lowlife would. Whoever this cowardly woman is I hope she is satisfied to have silenced a kind and courageous person who was only trying to help us.

6 months ago


6 months ago

Fiona is wrong about Dr Coleman. How sad. He is exposing evil, as we should. I cried with Dr Coleman during that video and that is real emotion he was expressing. Hard heartedness is a dangerous place to be.

6 months ago

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James Bate
James Bate
6 months ago

Very sorry to see him go, I couldn’t find the offending tweet but have seen a few interviews with ms Flanagan and am surprised that she would be offensive.
I suspect Vernon’s endorsement of Geert vanden bosche (or sim) is behind this , the silly proud man doesn’t like being questioned. He did an I’ll tempered video slagging off a blogger , Frei (?) who quite rightly cast a critical eye on his piece. Thought the Geert stuff looked dodgy when first linked here.

Lorna Chivers
Lorna Chivers
6 months ago

That is heartbreaking. I will miss these videos so much. They have kept me going during this madness. You and your wife are good people. Thank you both.

James N. Dawson
James N. Dawson
6 months ago

I’m an ethical vegan and choose not to get the vaccine on ethical and humane grounds. (The development of said vaccines obviously involve testing on and killing many thousands of animals.) I don’t feel I’m qualified to judge the safety or efficacy of these vaccines, but I respect Dr. Coleman’s opinions about that. I’m also a skeptic of Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions and and as a libertarian, I’m worried how they’re creating political tyranny and despotism, So I’m in substantial agreement with Dr. Coleman and glad of his efforts. I’m not on Twitter and don’t want to be, but maybe I’ll look into why this woman is attacking him. Is she a mole, perhaps?

simon edward marchant davies
simon edward marchant davies
5 months ago

Dear Doc . I have since learned that you are back in the fight. How relieved i was to hear it. It is easy for us armchair observers, we don’t take the hatred and abuse that you do. I am sure that if you knew just half of the love and respect that we send out to you it would strengthen your resolve to go on telling the truth. There are a lot of evil people out there, with you inspiring us we can beat them,

julie swann
julie swann
2 months ago

Dr Vernon Colleman is right about the pharma companies there the biggest mudder’s going and before all this Covid thing they were killing the old folk off in the hostpitals with overdoses and pills and taking there care away and leaving them to die half of the Doctors in the hostpitals and country are not fit to practice they are controlled by the big Pharama’s and are in breach of their contracts they do not invent cures because cures do not make money but for some reason they are getting away with mudder and brain washing the general public.