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Disturbing new job role advertised by UK Government proves this isn’t going to end any time soon

Did you think this was all going to end by June 21st? Well think again, because on the 30th March 2021 the UK Government put out a job advert with a salary of £750 per day for an ‘Interim Head of Asymptomatic Testing Communication’.

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The closing date for applicants is 28th April 2021 – a full four weeks away at the time of writing, and the “exciting” role offers an opportunity for somebody to work at “the heart of the Department of Health” as a senior member of the NHS Communications team.

The primary responsibility of the applicant is to “deliver a communications strategy to support the expansion of asymptomatic testing, that normalises testing as part of every day life“. Chilling isn’t it? Not only are the UK Government planning to carry on with the charade and madness of testing people who are not sick, they also now have no plans to end it and wish to make it as normal as drinking a glass of water every day.

The UK Government state the key responsibilities of the ‘Interim Head of Asymptomatic Testing Communication’ will be –

  • Work on designing, delivering and communicating policy
  • Undertake or commission research
  • Gather and analyse data and information
  • Develop expertise in an area, or draw on the expertise of others
  • Keep up to date with social, political and economic developments, and brief others on these
  • Provide advice to senior managers, stakeholders and decision makers
  • Write briefings and reports
  • Carry out consultations with internal and external stakeholders – including colleagues, customers, or members of the public
  • Work with a wide range of people and organisations, including senior managers, public office officials and members of the public.

They may as well have just said “Your key responsibilities will be to deliver propaganda and emotional blackmail on behalf of the UK Government, and we will pay you £750 of the British taxpayer’s money every single day for doing so”.

To understand why this new job role is so chilling you need to understand that asymptomatic spread of a virus does not happen, and it has been proven on a grand scale that asymptomatic spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which can allegedly cause Covid-19 does not happen, never has happened, and never will happen.

A study published in November 2020, was carried out in Wuhan, China (the alleged birth place of Covid-19), on ten million people. You won’t see many studies as large as that. Of the ten million eligible residents of Wuhan, 9,899,828 participated in a screening for SARS-CoV-2 infection across Wuhan in post-lockdown settings. Of the nearly 10 million who took part, 9,865,404 had no previous diagnosis of Covid-19 and 34,424 has recovered from the alleged disease.

The screening found no newly confirmed Covid-19 cases but identified 300 asymptomatic cases. So the scientists behind the study traced a total of 1174 close contacts of the asymptomatic positive cases and each and every one tested negative for Covid-19.

‘Post-lockdown SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening in nearly ten million residents of Wuhan, China’, carried out citywide screening of Sars-COV-2 infection across Wuhan in post-lockdown settings. There were over 10 million people eligible which was 94.1% of the total population of Wuhan and the screening was carried out from May 14th 2020 – June 1st 2020. Of the 10 million eligible 9,899,828 participated and of those 9,865,404 had no previous diagnosis of Covid-19, and 34,424 had recovered from the alleged Covid-19 disease.

The screening found no newly confirmed Covid-19 cases but identified 300 asymptomatic cases. So the scientists behind the study traced a total of 1174 close contacts of the asymptomatic positive cases and each and every one tested negative for Covid-19. Viral cultures were negative for all asymptomatic positive cases, indicating no “viable virus” in positive cases detected in the study.

In other words, all 300 asymptomatic cases were either false-positives, or they had no viral load to pass on to others – which proves asymptomatic spread does not happen. (You can see the study for yourself here)

Which begs the question as to why the Government want to normalise asymptomatic testing as part of every day life? Is it to keep up the charade so that they can justify the introduction of facial recognition scanners to detect whether you have had the experimental vaccine to allow you to enter a pub? Or is it in the hope of amassing thousands of false positives a day once autumn/winter knock on the door again and bring with it the return of the seasonal respiratory viruses?

We’re sure we’ll find out in good time as this is not going to end any time soon until the general public awake from their slumber and say “No!”.

Normalising asymptomatic testing as part of every day life? There’s nothing normal about it!

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