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Asda Security Guard assaults Customer for not wearing a Face Covering (Video)

A video has been released showing an Asda security guard assaulting a customer because they are not wearing a face covering.

The incident took place at the Asda Superstore in Birkenhead, Merseyside and was captured in its entirety on film.

You can watch the video in full below…

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John Fugazzi
John Fugazzi
6 months ago

🙄 really? Barely make out what’s going on and don’t know what the guys behaviour was like before he got the camera rolling. Considering he believes masks do nothing at all, he’s being wilfully disruptive. Just stick the mask on and then free to go about your business shopping.

6 months ago

What a laugh, John Faguzzi writes ” don’t know what happened before he turned the camera on” but then goes on to tell us what he was doing “being wilfully disruptive” and recommends he just puts the mask on. This despite little evidence masks work, no legal requirement to wear a mask and a legal right to mask exemption without having to disclose reason. You really swallowed it all didn’tyou John